Weekend ramble

What a weekend! And, for the first time in ages, I mean that in a good way!

Nothing spectacular has happened really, it’s just…I had a weekend where I did things I wanted to do (well, on Saturday at least), and I felt sort of…free. Saturday I had allocated as my Lazy Day. I don’t do Lazy Days very often anymore, andย  having spent the morning turning the living room upside down to clean it (not that you’d notice, it still looks like a bomb site), I settled down to enjoy a veggie burger for lunch. I wasn’t anticipating staying sat down for too long.

The thing was, House of Eliot was on. I love that show; takes me back to being fairly young, when life was easy, school was fairly easy, and tv viewing was ace (Lovejoy, House of Eliot et al). Anyhow, having got a bit comfortable watching HoE, I flicked over to find that Elizabethtown had just started on FilmFour. Bah, it had only just gone lunchtime and Orlando Bloom was very engaging. Swoooon. So I swung my legs up and sprawled.

I have this thing when I watch films; if I’m anywhere near my laptop I have to go on IMDB and check out the movie trivia and goofs. So naturally, having IMDB’d Elizabethtown, I found that Orlando Bloom had also starred in Black Hawk Down. Now there’s a film I’d been intending to see for quite a while. So once Elizabethtown finished (good film, nice little love story, recommend it for some easy viewing, if not for a bit of an Orlando-fest), I YouTube’d Black Hawk Down and watched that too. Gory. Thought-provoking. Makes me so glad I have never known what it’s like to live in a war-torn country or have to endure living within a war zone. I’m so very very very lucky to live where I live.

By this time, it was late afternoon/early evening. I hadn’t been very productive, and days where I’ve not done much often leave me feeling a bit weird. I don’t know why; perhaps it’s just that I worry that it’s a wasted day that I’ll never get back. So I got up, and decided to stop being a smelly layabout and had a shower, washed my hair and felt all nice and scrubbed up.

I pottered for a while, trundled to the supermarket, cooked myself a curry and then found myself on my backside infront of the box. Again. This time it was Mean Girls. Boy, it was turning out to be an eclectic film mix day. Then after a bit of Potter (Goblet of Fire, book ten times better than the film), it was an early night.

This morning I awoke to bright sunshine. I didn’t expect it at all; all the weather forecasts I’d seen had predicted an overcast, slightly dull day that was to be peppered with showers and maybe, just maybe, the odd burst of sunshine. Rich was fast asleep, having worked all through Saturday (oh, the life of freelancer), and so I let him be. I made my way downstairs, followed by a line of cats who had got up with me. We all had our breakfast – bunnies included, and I sat in the morning sunlight in the conservatory looking at my germinating seeds.

I’m not too happy with them. I think I’m just going to start again. Plus, the dreaded green aphid has made its way into my conservatory, which could spell disaster anyway. Best to have a contingency plan and just start over again (although, I will plant what I’ve already got, it’s just going to be a case of juggling everything so I have room). But, spurred on by the fact that my sunflower seeds are looking good, I decided to plant up around 50 more in various trays and pots. I was doing an Alys Flower and collecting tins to plant them in, but quite frankly, I can’t eat tins of borlotti beans and chickpeas fast enough.

I had another quick shower and hotfooted it over to my Mum’s – I was meeting my sister there to help her out with an application form. Four hours later, I then hotfooted it down to the allotment, Dad in tow, to see Mum. We spent a good hour together pulling weeds, hoeing and digging. We cut a lot of rhubarb from Rhubarb Mountain, and pulled up some leeks that were threatening to go to seed. I came home with armfuls of produce (my first of the year, I might add), dirty shoes and plans for rhubarb crumble.

The rest of this evening has been spent making the most of the evening sun. I was pleased to see the bees all over the rab apple blossom – hopefully it’s a good omen. Lots of bees = lots of pollination = lots of crab apples = lots of jam making perhaps?

We also let bunnies out for a run around the veg patches (they’re suprisingly good and only nibble on the grass). It was like binky city – for those of you that have never seen a rabbit do a ‘binky’ (link is not my bunny), it’s a thing of pure joy. Literally. The rabbit is happy and is expressing it’s joy, whilst making the observer ‘teehee!’ with each twist, flip and spin.

So as I bring this marathon entry to a close, the rhubarb picked earlier this evening has been simmered and is now sitting with crumble topping in place, ready to go in the oven. The potatoes are roasting, the cats are sleeping, the rabbits are relaxing and Rich is still working. Poor Rich.

Tomorrow is pay day, and that’s when things should really get going.ย  So, how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend Lucy, and I’m glad it was a nice one, after the stresses of the last few weeks. I do that with movies too, Google them, and then usually end up buying second-hand Amazon recommendations! It’s fun, especially seeing stuff you always meant to, or re-visiting stuff from years ago, like HofE! I am obsessively scrutinising my garden and greenhouse at least twice a day in search of seeds! It’s very exciting! We’re a bit cooler up here in Scotland, so some have only just germinated. I watched Gardeners World on Friday – highlight of my week! I like Toby, he’s very enthusiastic and fun! Keep up the good work, and enjoy payday, Payday rocks!

  2. Hi Lucy
    I have also had a pretty busy weekend – which included making rhubarb cheesecake – yum – if you’ve got lots or rhubarb, as I have at the moment, and need more rhubarb inspiration. The base is a mixture of ginger snaps and digestives, the topping is a tub of marscapone, a similar amount of creme fraiche, a big dollop of rhubarb puree and a bit of icing sugar. Optional rhubarb puree topping. Sorry I don’t really do measurements!

  3. I’m so pleased you had a quiet slow weekend. I was sorry to read about Snoopy being unwell so soon after Yoko. I know how important it is to keep bunny digestive systems going otherwise everything can stop permanently. I was much relieved Snoopy recovered.

    There will be days that are bad and you ask Why Me, but if you didn’t have the bad times the good times wouldn’t be as sweet.

    Take care

  4. My w/e sounds suspiciously like yours. Are you stealing my ID in Second Life??

    Yesterday was just stunning, wasn’t it? I spent three hours hoeing, watering, netting and tidying. At one point I was kneeling in the dirt, squinting in the bright light and peering at the ground to thin a line of beetroot seedings. At this precise moment I suddenly realised I was happier than I’ve been for months. Understand what you mean by ‘free’.

    Now trying not to remember that last ‘summer’ (and the ‘summer’ before that) started with an unseasonally warm April…

  5. Oh, Soilman! I’ve just peered at my first emerging beetroot seeds too! They weren’t there yesterday – but today! They are here!! Woohoo! I feel exactly the same as you, happier than I’ve been for a long, long time!

  6. Me and my bad back went to Ampthill – very nice place in Beds – to visit my friend and her daughter. Her back is worse than mine – shes had knitting needle sized needles in her back zapping nerve endings to stop the pain, so mine in comparrison is fine, so I weeded for her, and took her garden centre shopping! Came home and pottered in the garden. Life is good. I love that feeling. Wandering round, weeding here, Clipping there. Makes me really want to wake up in a morning. Glad you sound a bit chipper too!! Cat x

  7. You’ve got to love the weekends when you’ve been at work all week. with my mountain of rhubarb I made jam yesterday and I’m eating it already!

  8. Hey Lucy,
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, a lovely combination of relaxing vegging and productive veggies… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Our weekend was just as satisfying, must have been somthing in the air, leaving us with that nice ‘everything is under control’ feeling… ๐Ÿ™‚