Waking up to spring

spring primroses

It’s been a while. I’ve been in a state of semi-hibernation these past few weeks, dealing with all sorts of issues and a few life milestones as well. I’m hoping as spring is arriving, I’m through the fog of deep winter blues. I felt so much better yesterday, pottering around my local plant nursery, looking for some colourful primroses to brighten the back door step. The first time I’ve felt vaguely normal since around Christmas.

I think I can almost smell spring in the air. It’s so nice to be able to fling the windows open and hear the birds, to see them tripping about the garden, or to walk with my daughter in the woods and parks without feeling like my face is going to freeze off. The daffodil bulbs that I’ve been planting in every year are starting to bloom, a great burst of sunshine and cheer in the borders. The primroses that once sat in my containers and then replanted under the fruit trees are now beginning to bud and burst into life. All around me, the garden is waking up, and it feels like it’s bringing me back to life too. 

I’ve been doing bits and pieces in the garden as and when I can; clearing borders of perennial weeds, cutting borders back in and doing some last minute pruning before spring really sets in. We’re getting back to the bare bones of the garden and I’m seeing pockets of space that, hopefully, come summer, will be crammed with colour.

I always have great plans for what I’ll achieve during the year, but the last 18 months have been a lesson in managing expectations; my daughter has now achieved full-on toddler status and although she absolutely adores being outside and in the garden, I still don’t get to spend hours pottering as I used to. Still, there’s plenty to keep me busy, even without any grand schemes or plans, and I look forward to doing some sowing in the next few weeks. 

Last year, I missed growing cosmos, so I’ll be getting those sown early this year. I’ve missed the boat for garlic I think, but I might just fling a few in and see how we go. I haven’t really sat down with a pen and paper and planned what will happen in the veg patches and flower borders, but it’s something I think I’m going to let happen organically this year. I’m feeling like I just need to go with the flow, and see where it takes me. 

pink primrose


  1. I completely agree. I opened the car window for the first time since Christmas a couple of days ago and wanted to whoop with joy at the feeling of fresh air rather than recycled heated air!

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