Update on Snoopy…and when payday comes around

We managed to get Snoopy to eat a fair amount last night. Woke up this morning in anticipation to see some rabbit poo, but only Mop had gone (and yes, I can tell the difference!). Poor Rich was having to email me all through the day at work to tell me what Snoopy was doing. I really didn’t want to have to take him to the vet, for his sake as much as ours.

But this afternoon I got an email from Rich – Snoopy, after eating more and more had gone in his litter tray. Stuff was moving through. This evening he went again. Joy! Joy for poo! How ridiculous. I’m relieved to see poo. But if you don’t have rabbits, you have no idea how important it is that they keep going…

So I’m a bit happier today. He still seems a bit grumpy, but Mop, who is young and is being spayed this summer, is probably driving him mad with her nesting habits. She also has a habit of humping Snoopy’s head. That could prove pretty annoying. We’ll keep checking him and making sure everything is moving properly. I’ll also have to give him a proper groom soon…although being the grumpy bugger that he can be, I imagine I’ll have to arm myself with leather gaunlets, safety goggles and crash helmet whilst wielding the comb.

Snoopy has also been helping me by periodically sitting in my tray of burgeoning lettuce leaves. And flattening them. They look pathetic. Sigh.

I think I’m going to have to seriously re-think some of my sowing. Everything just looks a bit…droopy and lanky. The conservatory is obviously way too warm, encouraging the seedlings to shoot up at a rate of knots. But I want sturdy. Slowly does it. I’ll still give these first sowings a go, because to throw them away would feel…mean?

But when payday comes around on Monday I’m forg-marching Rich to the DIY store or timber merchant to get some wood. And he’s going to build my BLOODY greenhouse staging so I can start raising some proper seedlings. I will have plentiful crops this year. I will!


  1. Woohoo for poo! Glad to hear Snoopy’s on the mend Lucy! Have a great weekend!