Six Things that Make Me Happy

I’ve just belatedly realised that in the last four months I was tagged twice, once by Sara at Farming Friends and once by Poppy from A Life Less Simple to do this meme. As I’m so late I shan’t pass it on (but feel free to have a go), but I will complete it quickly!

OK so here I go. These are aside from what I would presume to be a given, such as family, animals and Rich.

1. Browsing through seed catalogues. This, for me, is a bit of therapy especially in the long dark nights. It gives me hope of what I might achieve come next year.

2. Handwritten letters from friends. Given my post desperado, handwritten letters from friends are extremely few and far between. As much as I love receiving emails from friends or family, there’s something extra special about a letter. I feel like you can get to know the person that little bit more. Handwriting gives such insight into character I think.

3. Cooking and baking. Especially when it’s using my own produce, such as our eggs or my homegrown veggies. I’m not a particularly adventurous cook, but I think I’m pretty good at what I can cook and bake. It’s another sort of therapy too. Especially the bit where you get to eat your hard work!

4. Sunshine. It sounds a bit wishy-washy, but until the washout of last summer, I didn’t realise just how important sunshine spells are for wellbeing. I feel like I’ve been denied.

5. A hot shower or bath. My eco ‘vice’ is showering and bathing. I just love wallowing in water.

6. Beatle music and Potter books. I’ve been far too enthusiastic about The Beatles since the age of 11, and listening to their music, their interviews and reading about them is just so familiar that it feels almost like ‘home’. Like I’m listening to my mates. I’ve only been overenthusiastic about Potter since earlier this year, but I think my passion for Potter books, Potter canon and the ‘fandom’ is something that’s going to last for a very long time. I just hope that JK Rowling decides to create some more Potter books in a few years. I would be over the moon.