RIP Snoopy

Yesterday we noticed Snoopy wasn’t himself, so we took him to the vet. They decided to keep him in, and seemed quite optimistic that we’d caught whatever it was early. With rabbits, you have to be very quick off the mark. But last night at 11pm I got a phonecall to say that he’d passed away. I was shocked and so upset. I still am. I loved our ‘NooNoo’ so much, and he was one half of a bonded pair with Moppy. They really loved each other. I’m just feeling really sad about it all.

So now we’ve got to bring Snoopy home so that Moppy knows what’s happened, so she’s not waiting and waiting for him to return. I’m not looking forward to that, but it’s the best thing for her. We have to leave him with her for a little while so that she can smell him, see him, understand that’s he no longer with us. Then we’ll take him back and have him cremated so that we can have a memorial plant for him. And once she’s had some time, and because she’s so young we’ll look at finding her another male to bond with. Most rabbits are best off in pairs, and we’re not leaving her on her own. She was fantastic with Snoopy, so we know that she needs the company.

Snoopy wasn’t what you’d call a cuddle bunny, despite looking like a big fluffy teddybear. He was a bit of a lazy boy, a complete nibbler and sometimes downright obnoxious; but that was part of his charm. When we let him out for long runs in the garden he’d do mad binkies, spinning around on the veg patch and wobbling his head with glee. Thankfully, we saw him do a lot of those. He’d also frequently throw himself on his side in complete happiness, often groomed or fussed over by Moppy as he lay there, blissfully trouble-free. They were a great double-act. They took care of one another really well, which is part of what makes me feel so sad. I hope that in time Moppy will have such a good relationship with another suitor, and be able to move on from Snoopy.

Snoopy had a good life with us. We know that. We just miss him and his big character, he wasn’t ‘just a rabbit’, he was a part of our extended family. RIP Snoopy, take care, big boy x


  1. Hey Lucy, I’m so sorry to hear about Snoopy. I know what it’s like to have animals – they are a huge part of our lives and their loss is always really difficult. Thinking of you xxx

  2. Oh Lucy – what a sad day.

    Take care

  3. Sorry to read this. So sorry for Moppy too.

  4. So sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful bunny.
    Kay x

  5. I’m so sorry Lucy, its heartbreaking to lose a member of the family, especially when you don’t see it coming.

    Take care and give Moppy a snuffle from me,

    Geoff x

  6. So sorry to hear that 🙁

  7. So sorry to hear about Snoopy. Good decision to bring him back so Moppy can understand what is going on. Animals do grieve and like us sometimes they need their own form of closure.

  8. Oh Luc, how sad for you guys! He looks such a sweetie.


  9. Sorry to hear that, hope Moppy will be Ok.

  10. Hi Lucy, I’m really sorry to hear about Snoopy! I hope you’re okay – and Moppy too.

  11. Oh sorry to hear that. Only downside to having pets, having to say goodbye. Hope Moppy gets a new mate soon.

  12. Really sorry to hear about your Snoopy. Even after all these years of keeping our animals I’ve never got used to letting them go when its time and have my horse sat in my office after being cremated. Thinking of you and Moppy x

  13. So sad to hear about Snoopy. hugs (()) x

  14. They become part of the family with their little personalities….you & Moppy must be gutted. Take care xx

  15. Sorry to hear about Snoopy. He looked very cute.

  16. So sorry for your loss 🙁 xx