Rehome Hens – Free Range Farmer Forced to Close – Laying Hens Available

Save From Slaughter – Laying Chickens Hens For Sale

The deadline is March 1st. Please give these girls a home and save them from slaughter.


  1. Hi, I’ve done the same on my Blog after seeing this on your FB page. Let’s hope we can help towards rehoming some of these for Jo.

    Are you able to take any, I’ve re-jigged the henhouses and I’m picking up 20 next week.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sue, unfortunately we’re not in a position to take on any at the mo, but I’m hoping that by sharing this info – and if others can spread the word – we’ll get them all a home. I’m really hoping that a hen rehoming charity will step in to help out too. Great news that you’ve got to rehome some, and thanks for sharing the link x

  3. elaine homyer says

    Hi, I live near kingussie, nr. aviemore and am looking for another hen to make 3! (actually one is a duck but she thinks she is a hen) transport bit of a prob for me but if anyone is passing ???

  4. Thanks for posting this Lucy. I wish we could take some, but I don’t think our council would approve of keeping hens in the garden and we no longer have an allotment. But I’ve posted the video on my facebook page and will do a blog post about it tonight. 🙂

  5. I have added it to my facebook page too- i have enough girlies at the moment- 6 ex bats & 4 others that i seem to have “acquired” at the moment !!!

    Another little piece of info that i thought you & everyone else who reads this blog might like- i came across a website last night (via which magazine) – it’s free to join & people swap their spare seeds/plants for anything that you might have spare. Worth a look.

    ps- i think it’s about time you got yourself a few more “girlies” Lucy- what a lovely life they would have with you xxxx

  6. Oh I wish I could take some on! My dream one day when I have more than a few windowsills is to have some chickens scratching around. Unfortunately for the time being chickens and first floor one bedroom flats don’t really mix…

  7. How do I get to rehome some of the lovely hens? So sad if they have to get killed. I can take up to 4.

  8. Hi jayne, you can email

  9. Hi Jayne, please can you email me regarding finding homes for the hens, and any other animals you need to find homes for. Thanks

  10. Heartbreaking!! I wish I could have some but alas, my coop is filled. Will certainly spread the word x

  11. hi i could take some of those hens from you but i dont know how far from you i am let us know where you are please

  12. Am very interested in taking 3/4 hens. If you could contact me I would be grateful
    Thank you.

  13. Hello,

    We are in Stratford upon Avon and currently have 12 hens, 1 cockerel. We have capacity for 4 more, are you still looking for homes?


  14. Hi,

    Also, do you have oher animals that you are having to pass on?

    Many thanks


  15. Hi, Could you let me know where the hen’s are being rescued. I live in Surrey and am looking for 3 girls. Sadly I had 5 but before Christmas 2 foxes got 3 and injured the 4th, She was nursed back to reasonable health but alas she finally passed away today, so I have poor old Viv all on her own now Lily as died. So she needs some company and it is now ‘safe’ as I didn’t want to get any extra hens whilst Lily wasn’t 100% and would of been picked on.
    Any info would be helpful.

  16. Hi,
    I can take any 2, please contact me if it’s not to late…

  17. Hi

    I’ve been thinking about this for ages but need to know a bit of info which I can’t find:

    how much space do they need?

    I live in a semi with a space of 15×20 to give over, the rest is enough for us to socialise with. I have 2 dogs who I am confident will be ok with these little lost creatures and a cat who thinks owns the whole neighbourhood, but am sure can be put in his place. I’m sure it’s not rocket science but want to know what is required to ensure a happy fulfilled life for these poor little personailities!!

    I’m hinting for mothers day, so please answer asap so I can arrange my lovely mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many thanks

    Tracy Todd

  18. sue griffiths says

    i know its late if any left we could give 6 a loving home on anglesey

  19. i no its the 9th of march but really interested in keeeping chickens i have everthing resdy for 3 to 4 ladies is there any lefted

  20. Hi, I can help, I’m in Basingstoke Hampshire. We already have 4 girls in a massive enclosure in our garden, and could take 3/4 easily and I have space on my allotment for 4 at the most.
    Let me know if I can help.

  21. sharon stone says

    Hi, I’ve just found this site, so if it’s not too late, i can take 6 girls. I live in Lincolnshire, not sure where you are based.

  22. The deadline has been extended to the end of March for the re-homing of these birds. Follow the instructions on the clip for more information.

    Sue xx

  23. I would love to re home some Please where can i get them from Please Help !!

  24. If you are anywhere close to Pembrokeshire I could take a half dozen or so. Needing to boost my flock after losing a couple of old girls.

  25. lisa purkiss says

    I am looking for about 10 hens to feed my b and b guests eggs but dont know where you are based. I know its nearly the end of March but I hope there are some left. thank lisa

  26. Hi. I live near Canterbury (Kent) and have a garden that is available to house some rescue chickens. How do I go about getting some ex battery hens. Help !!!!!!

  27. helen greenwood says

    hi ,i am interested in buying 7 ex-battery hens if you have any can u let me know,thanks helen,


  1. […] needing homes. Found this site – too far away for me but might be of interest to some of you: Rehome Hens – Free Range Farmer Forced to Close – Laying Hens Available

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