Ex-Battery Hen Rescue & Rehome December 3rd, 2011

My ex-battery hen Cynthia - a few months after being freed from her cage, and a year later

My ex-battery hen Cynthia - a few months after being freed from her cage, and a year later

One Little Egg/BHWT are organising an ex battery hen rescue in the Wigan area for December 3rd 2011.

Sophie, who is organising the rescue writes,

“… my next battery hen rehoming day is December 3rd – 300 hens. The clock is now ticking very loudly for all the 14 million battery hens out there because, due to the ban, they will not live beyond December 31st. I seriously need your help finding homes for these 300 hens. If you are in the North West and can give a home to a couple of battery hens (and you literally will be saving their lives) please phone BHWT on 01769 580310 or email hens@bhwt.org.uk to book some very grateful last-chance girls…”

So there you have it! If you live in the North West of England and have been thinking of rehoming some battery hens (NOT for commercial purposes and most definitely not for the pot!), then why not contact BHWT and offer these girls a new chance at a proper life?

Likewise if you’re closer to the East of England, Little Hen Rescue are also looking for homes for 3000 hens and are keen to have as many pre-booked to go home as soon as possible. You can find out more here.


  1. Hi Lucy

    I am considering having chickens in my small garden in East London. I am worried for a few reasons: firstly because I know for a fact we get foxes in our garden (I’ve seen them regularly) and secondly because I know that you need to lock the doors on the chicken coops when the sun sets and currently I am getting home from work well after dark. I’m actually looking for a job that is closer to home (so I can get home early) so I can start my dream of having ex-battery hens. Would you be able to send me a email and let me know what you think?

    I’ve been looking at Little Hen Rescue and was thinking I would go to them for the chickens when I can get some.

    Any advice/encouragement would be gratefully welcomed.

    Thanks Hannah x

  2. When I was a kid we rescued chickens from battery farms quite a few times. It was a great experience and taught me a lot of life lessons as a child. One thing I will say in response to the above comment is that chickens will destroy your garden so you need to keep moving their coop and run around regularly to give the spot where they’ve been a chance to recover

  3. hi, im after four more chickens in wrexham,ive two and want more for the family to look after.i bought the two i have now and would love to save four instead of buying them,please would you get back to me.thankyou.

  4. Awww….Cynthia looks like a happy hen now! Would love to rescue some battery hens but not a good idea with my greyhound! I belong to Compassion in World farming so make my contribution there~ I am thinking of keeping bee’s though 🙂

  5. Hey

    I am very interested in keeping hens, was thinking of getting a couple for my mum as she loves fresh eggs. This is such a great cause. Can you please email me with information, i live in Scotland.

  6. Hi I’m in chester and I can take 4 of these for you.Just let me know when and where and I can collect. I already have 4 warrens so would love to take more on.

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