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Hello! I’m Lucy, author of The Smallest Smallholding. I’m a 30-something digital content editor, a mum of one, bit of a greenie, a Potterhead, a vegan foodie, and fan of pretty flowers that attract wildlife. If you’ve decided you don’t want a 9-5 kind of life, want to live more frugally and take control of the food on your plate, I hope this blog will help you along on your own Good Life journey!

How to Live the Good Life?

I started this blog in my 20s because, as a vegan, I love fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, and was really enjoying starting to grow them, along with looking after my rescued ex-batt hens. At first I just wanted to write about my experiences. But the more I wrote, the more I realised that I was taking a bit of a fork in the road, looking for something more fulfilling than the treadmill of modern life in the rat race. I wanted to connect with other people looking for the same.

Modern life can be overwhelming and can feel like a perpetual struggle. I believe that it’s really important for everyone to take time out and live life a little more simply – even if it’s just one day a month! The Good Life and frugal living isn’t just about growing your own super-tasty produce (although that is great fun and a HUGE bonus) – it’s about getting back to basics and connecting with nature, people and building communities, whilst living sustainably and responsibly. There’s also the little money-making or money-saving side hustles to help you along the way!

The Good Life with Lucy at The Smallest Smallholding

The Good Life with Lucy at The Smallest Smallholding

Join Me On My Journey

My family is my new focus, and my priorities have changed. After over a decade of writing this blog, my goals have shifted from simply providing more homegrown produce and creating my own wildlife-friendly patch in suburbia, to also learning to truly live frugally, and eventually living a debt-free Good Life. I hope I can inspire others to do the same!

Remember, I also post low-cost, vegan hearty recipes that almost everybody can enjoy too! 

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