Win Some Chicken Books!

Maureen, rescued 2006, RIP 2009, living free at The Smallest Smallholding

Maureen, rescued 2006, RIP 2009, living free at The Smallest Smallholding

Calling all chicken fans! I’m happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the poultry folk over at Wells Poultry Ltd and are happy to announce a giveaway in which one lucky winner can win three fantastic poultry books!

If you’ve got your own laying ladies, then keep them in tip-top laying condition with these books, full of information on how to keep your girls laying in a healthy and happy way.

The three books that we’re giving away are –

The Right Way To Keep Chickens by Virginia Shirt
Virginia Shirt has lived with chickens for over 15 years so her knowledge of these fascinating birds is conditioned by practical experience. Her book is a revelation to every aspiring enthusiast.

Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage 
Chickens of all sizes, shapes, and colours parade through these pages, as Green-Armytage captures the surprising and expressive personality of these amazing birds.

Hens And The Art Of Chicken Maintenance by Martin Gurdon
Adopting and raising chickens has become so much more popular in the last decade – proof that you don’t need to be a farmer to keep poultry! This book chronicles the highs and lows of chicken care.

To enter our competition, simply leave a comment under this post or on the Facebook post, telling us what it is you love about hens the most.  The winner will be picked in one week and contacted directly via email or Facebook private message. If we don’t hear from the winner within 48hours of contact, then a new winner will be picked from the remaining entries.

The competition closes on 4th September at 9:00PM. Good luck!


  1. J. Timlett says:

    Will the contents of the ‘winsome chicken books’ apply to my new chooks? They are far from winsome, indeed they are pot ugly, but I already love them dearly and need some advice on keeping them happy 😉

  2. Samantha Fowler says:

    My favourite thing about my chickens is their amazing personalities! Some of the hens are so affectionate and will come for cuddles and sit on our laps, one is incredibly shy and two want to live in our house and we are always carrying them out! We also have a little dog and two cats and the way they all interact is hilarious…..not to mention my two small children who have put the chickens on the swin, slide and trampoline and always absolutely delight in finding their gorgeous eggs!

  3. Me and my eldest want to rescue some battery hens at some point. Hens have such personality I think, and they all deserve a chance at the sun on their feathers and a little freedom.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Chickens! I love sitting in the garden listening to their soothing, funny, mad conversation – the best thing I ever did!

  5. The way they purr when they are really contented 🙂

  6. Just love the way that they run over to greet you when you go out to them and of course there is nothing like fresh eggs to get your day off to a flying start!

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