We started the #mugappreciationsociety

My friend Maria – also known as Feisty Tapas  – and I have been working together for over one and a half years on the same project, and over that time have discovered a mutual love of food (despite the fact that I’m vegan and Maria is Spanish and is obsessed with chorizo), social media, blogging and… mugs! So after chatting over our respective morning cuppas at the creative agency where we both work (I had hot orange, Maria is a coffee fiend) we had a fun little brainstorm about sharing our love for mugs on Instagram.

Maria has been encouraging me to Instagram more and more, as there are huge communities out there dedicated to all the things I love – growing your own, veganism, good food, CAKE (lots of cake) and wildlife friendly gardening. And mugs. Mugs are great and I use them for pretty much all tipples… hot chocolate (with hazelnut milk), orange squash, herbal tea, wine, G&T, and I imagine I’ll be enjoying my forthcoming batch of sloe gin in a mug too. I’ll even eat homemade soup out of a large mug. I have no shame. I just prefer drinking out of mugs, and there are so many designs that reflect my general ethos on life. If it’s got any kind of wildlife on it, I’m all over it. Flowers? Yes please. Cats? Everybody needs at least one cat mug in their life! And the bigger the mug, the better.

But let’s rewind. On spying my very floral Waitrose mug on my desk at work, Maria encouraged (read: told) me to Instagram it. We had a little think about whether we should encourage others to do the same. I flippantly suggested that we tag the pictures the #mugappreciationsociety although at first Maria wasn’t too convinced. “Isn’t it a bit long?” she asked before doing some cursory research and declaring that perhaps it was the hashtag we should go for. So we did.

Where it all began - image ©Feisty Tapas

Where it all began – image ©Feisty Tapas

Maria has a substantial following on Instagram and tagged a few people to join in with our #mugappreciationsociety. And then it exploded. We’ve gone international and there is a LOT of love out there for mugs. So feel free to join in with us. Whether it’s a one-off prized possession, charity shop find, retro, a little chipped and battered or a pristine tea cup and saucer (cups are welcome too!), then just tag #mugappreciationsociety and you’ll be welcomed into the fold 🙂 Find Maria at @feistytapas and me right here: @lunalucy