Update: Yoko’s Second Vet Visit

Yoko’s Fluff

Well we took Yoko to see another vet more experienced with poultry. She basically said that we ought to keep going with the baytril and that she thought Yoko wasn’t alarmingly thin at all. Clear chest, good colouring, she seemed well hydrated and not too much diarrhoea staining. She gave Pokey (Yoko) a steroid injection and said that we should get a faecal sample to check for any worms, parasites etc. But all in all not to worry too much.

Yoko has gone very broody and we think this is perhaps why she hasn’t been eating very well. She has definitely perked up but still has her moments of lethargy. Lately she’s been charging around the henhouse trying to get into the nestbox to no avail (we were trying to stop her being broody), but the vet advised us to let her settle in so that she’d be happier in herself. We have to monitor her eating but maybe if she’s not so hellbent on getting into the nestbox she’ll take more time to eat. So I’m really hoping that she’ll get better as I haven’t yet seen her regurgitate and although her crop was still fairly squishy yesterday, today it seems better – although she hasn’t eaten much apart from layers mash and lamb’s lettuce this morning. We’ll keep an eye on her but I’m hoping that she’ll improve with each day and get over her broody phase more quickly. So now she’s in the nestbox and I can hear the occasional piping coming out. She’s less anxious which is great, I wish I could have had a steroid injection to make me feel less anxious!!!!

I’ve been up every morning around quarter to half past six observing the hens solidly for about 3 hours. I think people around here must think I’m a very strange chicken lady – no, I just like to know what’s going on with them! I was out in the wind and rain yesterday complete with umbrella turning inside out every now and then. We had a tornado pass through about 10 miles away, but luckily I just got a bit soggy and windswept. The girls were confined to the run with the extension and seemed perfectly happy as they were chomping on their breakfast under the dry bit.

Since I’ve been so involved with Yoko I haven’t really done an awful lot else. I managed to lay the path in the greenhouse with some of the free block paving, and Maureen christened it by doing the smelliest poo from a height, with maximum splat factor, whilst perching on Rich’s garden chair that’s currently in there. Luckily the stinker misesd both Rich and me, but we had to do a rapid evacuation due to smellypoofumes. Anyhow, Rich has six million and thirty nine things to do, so I’m not sure when we’ll get the greenhouse staging in. As long as it’s in time for me to start growing my herbs, I’m not *too* worried.

On the vegetable front, I have still yet to sow my agricultural mustard (eek!), although I’m still waiting on my Radar onions and Thermidore garlic to arrive from the Organic Gardening Catalogue, so not sure whether I’ll be putting part of that bed to ‘fallow’ anyway. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon. In the other bed my Chatennay and Autumn King carrots are going ok, despite Pattie’s mining attempts and the other hen’s discovery that they quite like carrot tops – so the fleece tunnels have gone back on. Not sure if they’ll do anything because to be quite frank, they’re looking pretty weedy at the moment…so we’ll see… Leeks are going ok too, although again the hens got a bit carried away and trampled on a few, but they seem to be still going despite this. Right, I need a lie down.


  1. I am glad that Yoko is feeling abit better. I could just picture you watching with your umbrella blowing inside out – it’s the sort of thing I would do.
    Sara from farmingfriends