Tulip planting for spring

Planting tulip bulbs in Autumn

It was an unseasonably warm afternoon today, so I took the opportunity to scurry amongst the golden and red scattering leaves and do a little tulip bulb planting for spring.

I felt like a little squirrel, burying my acorns. I’ll never remember where I’ve planted each tulip, but I’m really quite looking forward to the surprise of spring colour.

I’ve opted for pinks, whites tinged with pink, purple and also some blazing oranges to go in amongst the yellow irises.

Fingers crossed for a stunning display next year.


  1. Great photo. Wish you luck with these gorgeous flowers. I have my own garden with tulips and I am really proud with it. Greetings 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sherri! I am looking forward to Spring and hope that they’ll all come up… definitely will be welcome after Winter x