Rain stops Play

Big ‘F’ for Fail!

No, I didn’t cajole myself into trudging out into the pissing rain and wind and cold to plant my raspberries. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t do it. It was my last day before my new job started, it was warm in the house, fecking cold out of the house, and I was just Not In The Mood.

Yeah, hard-boiled farmer-type I am not. But hey – look at the weather! Wasn’t it GORGEOUS today. I sat in my car at lunchtime practically basking in so much sunshine and warmth that I had to actually open the window because I was too hot. Didn’t see that one coming. I’m keeping a beady eye on the weather because I’m planning on doing an awful lot of sowing, planting, composting and various other jobs on Thursday. All I ask is for vaguely mild weather and No Rain. The Smallest Smallholding has been looking decidedly soggy and slightly limp lately, and I really want to try to keep things on track this year.

I imagine I’m already way behind – I haven’t yet planted my garlic. But I put it in late last year and it was absolutely fine, so I’ll just wing it again this year. I have faith that nature will do her thing and before you know it, I’ll be enjoying the succulent, juicy, plump cloves of my fat Cristo garlic.

I did start the potatoes chitting on the windowsill though. Throw your hands up in the air and say “yeah!”.

Sorry. I do apologise. I think the endorphines are currently raging through my body, as I’ve just returned from my first ever jazzercise class. Wow. I used to think I was coordinated and could dance just as well as the next person. It turns out that I am absolutely crap at picking up new steps, my laces have a habit of coming undone (mental note, the grannies have got it right, velcro straps are so much more practical), and I actually have muscles in places that I didn’t realise. That hurt when I use them. And will probably hurt even more tomorrow. I’m probably going to arrive at work, much to the amusement of my new work colleagues, looking like I just did a poo in my pants. Oh, to have elegance and grace.

It’s all good though, it’s a step towards my healthy living plan, which I think will compliment this thing I have about moving towards “The Good Life”.  I plan to be working outside a lot this year, so that coupled with regular exercise classes should see me shift this tyre I’ve been growing around my middle. To be honest, I just want to get to a state where I’m content, and I can eat what I want to eat without thinking about calories and fat. To just enjoy the taste and texture of my own home-grown good food, rather than feeling like I’m being virtuous/naughty and/other other. Just make it all much, much more simple. And enjoyable.

Great theory – thing is, if I want to enjoy my own home-grown food, I actually need to sow and plant it first. Thursday. That’s my day. Look forward to it. If rain doesn’t stop play, that is.

Weight: 11 stones 1lb