Sprucing Up The Kitchen Steps


I’ve been so busy with work lately that all my planting in has had to go on the back burner, so outside my kitchen door is a small jungle of poorly department rescues, fruit and veg plants from friends and a few naughty purchases for the flower borders (echinops, eryngium, etc etc etc). But one thing I did manage to get done with great success was install a new hanging basket outside the back door.

The back of the house looks pretty drab and the stable door is in dire need of a new coat of paint. I’m thinking a sage green to brighten it up. Years ago, when the kitchen extension was built, the door was installed and when we all came back the builder had stained it a really dark colour! It hasn’t been touched in over twenty years, apart from the installation of various sized cat flaps (which were eventually upgraded to a small dog flap after our gargantuan fluff monster cat Ted was found wearing the cat flip around his middle one day).

I’ve bought all the sanding bits and pieces for the back door, but it’s yet another job that I need to get done before Autumn really sets in in a couple of months. So much to do, so little time, yada yada yada.


But after adding my poorly department herb pot to the top step by the kitchen door, I was a momentarily inspired to at least brighten the area up a little more. Rich installed a hanging basket bracket that I found for a couple of quid at B&M, and my local garden centre had half price reductions on their wicker hanging baskets. Plant Me Now kindly sent me a beautiful selection of hanging basket flowers, including petunias and lobelias, and I shoved them rather haphazardly one Sunday afternoon. But miracle of miracles, they grew, they flourished and bloomed… and I remembered to water them regularly! A few weeks late and they’re still looking great!

Next year, instead of flowers I might opt for an edible hanging basket, with nasturtiums, tumbling tomatoes and some flowering herbs to attract the bees… but for now, the sight of the bright blooms is enough to give me a little cheer on even the gloomiest of days.




  1. Oh dear, poor Ted, that sounds quite dramatic. The hanging baskets are lovely. I know what you mean about a list of things to do before Autumn. I should have sorted out the cracks in the garage render while the weather was dry. Today I realise it’s not been done, and now the rain has set in. It will all be done in the end no doubt.

  2. What a great idea, I livened up our back garden with a series of hanging baskets. You can disguise loads of things to use as baskets, we had a couple of spare colanders , well how many colanders can I use? Best feature, I hung one from the bottom of my husbands motorised satellite dish bracket ! He thinks its great too.

  3. They’re gorgeous, Lucy! I love your bracket, too! It’s so pretty and elfy 🙂