Sour Crop Again?


Poor little Pattie is now taking her turn to be ill. Last year Yoko was diagnosed with sterile EYP, which is currently in check and she’s just as good as she ever was, and Cynthia had a couple of bouts of sour crop which seemed to have been sorted out with a course of nystatin (an anti-fungal medicine) each time. Pattie has been very quiet for the past three of four days, staying with the group but hanging back. She’s been standing with her neck retracted into her body, so she looks like a plump rugby ball with a little head on top.

I’ve had a feel of her crop and it felt quite fluidy tonight. She’s not really eating much, although she’s had a go at the layers mash and had a fair amount of the bio live yoghurt I put out for her. When they eat it, they end up with what I call ‘milk moustaches’ – so very cute. She hasn’t laid in a few days either…so I think for now we’ll just keep observing her, see if the bio live yoghrt will help and pray that she lays a decent egg.  If nothing changes, she’ll have to either go to the vet, or the vet will get yet another call from us asking for a prescription for yet more nystatin first.

I wonder what’s causing it – the only thing I can think of is that when they scale the compost heap and dig around (and always look a bit guilty when they’re caught), there’s something in there that’s causing problems. We’re hoping to fence it off properly soon so that they can’t get up onto it. I guess Compost Heap Construction has got to come further up the To Do List now. Poor Pattie, I really hope she gets better soon.


  1. Rebecca (smallholding in Ireland) says

    Oh poor chuck, I hope she perks up soon.
    I think poorly chucks and poorly goats are probably the most forlorn looking creatures when they aren’t feeling great, and the most perky when they are.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Pattie’s off colour. Isn’t sour crop a bit like thrush? So bio yogurt sounds like a good idea.

    good luck