September Soups

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I was really pleased to be contacted by Amy’s Kitchen to try out some more of their soups, as part of the Organic Soil Association’s Organic September. I’m a huge fan of soups anyway (my blog is littered with homemade, rustic soup recipes), and I already love Amy’s brown lentil soup – it’s organic, vegan and just tasty and wholesome… and best served with a chunk of crusty bread.

Organic September

Buying organic food is still much more difficult than it should be, so I’m happy to celebrate and talk about organic convenience foods. I say ‘convenience’ not as a pejorative but just as a fact… sometimes you’re busy, you’re hassled and you’re hard pushed to make something from scratch. Having the convenience of emptying a delicious serving of organic soup into the hob for lunch is easy and it’s good to know that what you’re eating is healthy, it’s organic and above it, you’re really going to enjoy it, to boot.

We were sent three varieties of Amy’s soup that I haven’t tried before – Hearty Spanish Rice and Red Bean soup, Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup and Lentil Vegetable soup. All were yummy, and despite me not being any kind of sweetcorn fan, I loved the smoky, chilli notes in the Spanish bean soup. Perfect for these chillier September days.

Amy’s soups might be a little on the pricey side here in the UK, but as a vegan I’m happy to pay the extra for some healthy and organic food that’s easy to throw on the hob at lunch, or cook in the microwave at work. I don’t have much choice when it comes to other famous soup brands, either.

I’m just waiting for my local Waitrose, Co-op or Tesco to start stocking Amy’s bean burritos! YUM!
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