RIP Maureen

Yesterday evening my Smallest Smallholding got a little bit smaller again.

Maureen had been diagnosed with kidney disease a couple of months ago, and we didn’t know how long she had. She’d been getting much slower and eating and drinking less and less. Up until a few days ago, she’d been taking herself off around the smallest smallholding for a jaunt and a wander, but it was evident that yesterday, she’d had enough.

She wasn’t getting up in the mornings, and would spend most of her time sleeping. So we made the decision and took her, said our goodbyes and I cried and cried.

Maureen was such a beautiful, wonderful hen. She was very motherly, always looking out for the flock, always so good with the others. She laid regularly, and up until a couple of months ago, didn’t have a thing wrong with her. I used to call her a star, because she was so reliable, no trouble, no worries. Maureen was always the one that was OK, and thank goodness she had that because it meant that she’s had a very good run out of the battery cages. She enjoyed her life. She had comfort, peace, contentment. She could do all the things a chicken should be able to do. She lived out as much of her natural life as she could. It makes it all worthwhile.

Miss you Maureen you wonderful girl. Say hello to Pattie and Cynthia for me x


  1. Sorry to hear about Maureen, you have done so well with those ex-batt. girls, always a sad day when a loyal pet leaves the family. Hope you are ok otherwise, have rather lost touch with you lately but see from your blog that you are busy. Take care and make sure you relax properly, plenty of lavender baths.

  2. So sorry to hear about Maureen … you give those girls such a great life 🙂 Hoping all is OK with you x

  3. Sorry to read about Maureen – you gave her a lovely safe home – a hen couldn’t wish for more.

    Take care

  4. Oh no, sorry to hear that but what a difference you must have made to her life.

  5. Awww, poor Maureen. Glad she had a good life after the battery cages!

  6. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that 🙁

    As the others have said: what a great life you gave her and the others, I’m sure that in their hen-way, they were very grateful.

  7. Oh dear I am SO sorry….poor Maureen….

    Still, having been through this, now, twice in 3 weeks with mine, I have come to the conclusion that, regardless of how long or short a time we have ex bats to look after, we are giving them a good life, better than the hell holes they were imprisioned in as egg layers…

    and THAT’s what matters most, even if they only get a day of freedom and kindness and love is what counts. Anything extra is a bonus!

    But it is so hard when they work their way into your hearts, isn’t it? I am still expecting to see Cathy every time I open the back door, or be barged out of the way by Genghis on a charge to get to the food.

    Will you get some more ex battery hens, do you think? or maybe have a little break for a while?

    anyway, have a big hug and know Maureen had the very best of life, with you .

  8. Sorry to hear of yet another chicken death, and the third for you. I’ve said what I think about battery chicken farming elsewhere, but each premature death I hear about makes me more determined to avoid ‘hidden’ battery eggs.

    However, all these chickens you and others have rescued have lived longer than most battery chickens, and you have given them a chance to experience life before death, to coin a phrase.

  9. So sorry to hear about Maureen. Just be glad that you’ve given her and your other birds a life worth living. Maybe now’s the time to start over and help some more chooks enjoy the sun on their backs. I’m getting some myself next month and that’s mainly down to you and your blog and I’m sure you’ve helped inspire others the same way.

    Hope to see some pics of your new girls soon.


  10. So sorry that Maureen has gone, she was a beautiful hen and lived a fine life with you, BIG hug for you and take care, hope Yoko is coping without her buddy :/

    Karen xxx

  11. Thanks everyone xx