Rest in Peace Tom, my lovely ginger boy

Just over five weeks after I said goodbye to my feisty calico kitty, we had to let her soulmate, our ginger boy Tom, go too. Another case of aggressive cancer from his hyperthyroidism. I didn’t get to say goodbye, I thought I was bringing him home. At least he didn’t suffer for too long.

He arrived as a stray, many years ago, scared of people. I couldn’t get within six feet of him, only really seeing him peek out at me with big lamp-like eyes that would shine bright in the night. Eventually over many weeks, I gained his trust and he made our house his home. Soon after, his companion Tortoise the calico cat moved in too. They had so many years with us, cuddled together in comfort, full bellies, happy in a place of safety and security.

They would spend the summer months lazing together in the sunshine in our conservatory, and in the winter snuggled together in an extra large cat bed. They came and went as they pleased, only really venturing into our big garden to potter, laze, or follow me around as *I* pottered. They were my constant companions in the house, always purring or chatting, swirling around my feet at dinner time.

Tom was so vocal, my little monkey man who said “muh-uh-uh” whenever he asked for food or an extra helping, or just announcing himself. Life is never the same after they go. I feel bereft. They were my family, will always be my family, but at least I hope now that they are together again, lazing side by side in the sun. My special sunshine cats. I will always love you, Tom xxx

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