Rain stops Play

Big ‘F’ for Fail!

No, I didn’t cajole myself into trudging out into the pissing rain and wind and cold to plant my raspberries. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t do it. It was my last day before my new job started, it was warm in the house, fecking cold out of the house, and I was just Not In The Mood.

Yeah, hard-boiled farmer-type I am not. But hey – look at the weather! Wasn’t it GORGEOUS today. I sat in my car at lunchtime practically basking in so much sunshine and warmth that I had to actually open the window because I was too hot. Didn’t see that one coming. I’m keeping a beady eye on the weather because I’m planning on doing an awful lot of sowing, planting, composting and various other jobs on Thursday. All I ask is for vaguely mild weather and No Rain. The Smallest Smallholding has been looking decidedly soggy and slightly limp lately, and I really want to try to keep things on track this year.

I imagine I’m already way behind – I haven’t yet planted my garlic. But I put it in late last year and it was absolutely fine, so I’ll just wing it again this year. I have faith that nature will do her thing and before you know it, I’ll be enjoying the succulent, juicy, plump cloves of my fat Cristo garlic.

I did start the potatoes chitting on the windowsill though. Throw your hands up in the air and say “yeah!”.

Sorry. I do apologise. I think the endorphines are currently raging through my body, as I’ve just returned from my first ever jazzercise class. Wow. I used to think I was coordinated and could dance just as well as the next person. It turns out that I am absolutely crap at picking up new steps, my laces have a habit of coming undone (mental note, the grannies have got it right, velcro straps are so much more practical), and I actually have muscles in places that I didn’t realise. That hurt when I use them. And will probably hurt even more tomorrow. I’m probably going to arrive at work, much to the amusement of my new work colleagues, looking like I just did a poo in my pants. Oh, to have elegance and grace.

It’s all good though, it’s a step towards my healthy living plan, which I think will compliment this thing I have about moving towards “The Good Life”.  I plan to be working outside a lot this year, so that coupled with regular exercise classes should see me shift this tyre I’ve been growing around my middle. To be honest, I just want to get to a state where I’m content, and I can eat what I want to eat without thinking about calories and fat. To just enjoy the taste and texture of my own home-grown good food, rather than feeling like I’m being virtuous/naughty and/other other. Just make it all much, much more simple. And enjoyable.

Great theory – thing is, if I want to enjoy my own home-grown food, I actually need to sow and plant it first. Thursday. That’s my day. Look forward to it. If rain doesn’t stop play, that is.

Weight: 11 stones 1lb


  1. My fingers are crossed for Thursday for you!

    I know how you feel about the rain. I sometimes wonder how I’ll ever have a smallholding feeling the way I do about weather. Perhaps there is a happy middle ground that doesn’t involve lousy weather? Hubby says that’s called Living in Italy ;-))

    We’ve got big plans for the garden this year so I’ll be getting some workouts at the Earth Gym!

    My laces used to come undone a lot when I jogged and I used a little trick to stop them. When I start lacing them, instead of crossing them over each other once before doing the loops, I do it twice. That seems to stop them.

  2. I’m praying for good weather on Thursday too as that’s the day I plan to continue digging the weeds out of my allotment.

  3. Welcome to the three day working week! It is a blessing (when you’re not working extra days) and normally there is one ok day out of four off.

  4. I hope the weather holds out for you! My wife always accuses me of being a fair weather gardener – rain and cold are not good for motivation! I have left you an award on my blog. I hope you will accept, you are not obliged to pass it on. I just thought I would let you know that I like your blog.

  5. Thanks for the advice SK – I’m off again to jazzercise tonight so I’ll give it a go 😉

    Thursday – it’s Thursday morning now, and it’s looking good! Hoe to get some good pics today for you all.

    Poppy – it’s a blessing indeed, the weather looks to be holding out for today, no frost rally either, which is great. Hope your lambs and kids are doing well 🙂

    Mark – oh bless you! Thanks so much. I’ll go and take a look!

  6. We’re still waiting for the thaw. We have two to three feet of snow cover, I suspect my autumn planted garlic has been decimated (serious frost heave this year) and night time temperature are continuing to drop to -10C. We’ve now had continuous snow cover and sub-zero temperatures for three months. I don’t mind it, but it would be nice to be able to do some digging!

  7. Manor Stables Veg Plot says

    Its the random snow and the frozen ground thats really starting to annoy me……SPRING…where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu????

  8. best of luck for Thursday’s weather, everything will catch up in the end.

  9. In appreciation of your interesting, inspiring – and funny – blog, here’s an award for you:

    Love reading your posts ;0)

  10. Good blog, wish I’d known my mind at 27, I’d have been a garden designer. Lucky I can start now as we’ve just moved to a great site. I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress to pick up tips….

  11. Thanks Lynda!!!! I’ll try and fit it in soon 🙂

    Lou – I can’t say I know my mind exactly but keep checking back all the same, I’m hoping to start blogging about some smallest smallholding ‘experiments’ this year!

    damo – didn’t get out in the end but been busy this weekend… so much to do but just chipping away, as ever…

    MSVP – apparently spring is arriving next week – seriously!

    Stonehead – good grief, has it begun to thaw yet? hoping your pigs and chooks are holding up ok!