Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Watering Can

Thursday was too good an opportunity to miss. Weatherwise I mean. I had a mountain of work to get through before this weekend, yet despite my looming deadline, I found myself loading my tools into the car boot and trundling down to the allotment.

I don’t understand why I put it off. Well, I do actually, it’s the weather. There’s no protecting down at the allotment so I avoid  going on days where it’s windy or drizzling. And there’s been a lot of those recently. But as I sat furiously typing away in the conservatory on Thurs, I looked up at the clear blue skies and thought “sod it!”. And so I did, for a couple of hours.

I resumed the digging, and after about ten minutes my back started hurting and I was horribly bored. I threw down my spade and trudged up to the other as yet untouched end of my plot, armed with my secateurs and hand fork. I was delighted to find what few raspberries are left had started to bud. They’re a bit straggly as I didn’t get a chance to prune them in time, but I’ll leave them be and see what happens. I should have enough at least for some sort of raspberry pudding come summer – maybe a rhubarb (also springing up on my plot) and raspberry crumble, or apple and raspberry pie? We’ll see, definitely something to look forward to.

I managed to clear out some of the top section, taking care not to disturb the shallow roots of the irises that still remain at the end. I think it used to be some sort of flower section. Although I did manage to dig up the mind-boggling selection of gladioli bulbs (or are they corms?) alongside great clumps of jerusalem artichoke tubery things (what an interesting display that must have made!). At least, that’s what I think they are. I’m all too aware of how prolific jerusalem artichokes can be, so I might have a go at planting them in a big tub at home. My aunt has volunteered to take a few off my hands too. I don’t like to see anything go to waste, and I’m always up for growing new things.

I also found a half-sunken pot of Pinks that I’ve brought back home along with the gladi bulbs. We have quite sandy free-draining soil here, so I think the Pinks should do very well here.

In my absence, the Christmas tree that was on the border between mine and my neighbour’s plot has also been cut down, which I’m actually quite sad about. I don’t know why, it just seemed quite happy, growing away there, being a bit rebellious.

Anyhow, as the sun was going down, Mum appeared to have a look at my findings, and what work I’d done. We measured out a path and cut in some borders, and I finished digging over (light and easy work) the top half of the allotment inbetween the border of irises down to the raspberry twigs (I’m at pains to call them bushes, because they’re clearly not that robust).  It doesn’t look like much work, but it’s a start at least. I just couldn’t face anymore bloody digging down the other end.

But by the time I left it started raining again. I don’t think it’s really stopped since. The water butts are full to overflowing and the hens aren’t venturing out from the greenhouse much. And being the wimp I am, looking at the weather forecast I think sadly it’ll be a few days before I get down to my allotment again.