No More Ice Blocks for Feet – Heat Holders socks


This time last year we’d already had many inches of snow fall here in Bedfordshire. But the winter of 2013/14 is a different kind of beast. We’ve not had a flake of snow fall yet this winter, and maybe a handful of frosts, but we’ve had plenty of rain. And wind. And some more rain. In short, it’s been cold, wet and miserable.

My circulation is pretty rubbish at the best of times, but working outside in rain, sleet or snow can be a challenge. Even more so for my mother who has Raynauds, but unlike me, has no choice about when she works outside. Whatever the weather is doing, she’s out tending to people’s gardens, or braving all weathers on her country market stall. Heat Holders kindly sent me a pair of their ultimate thermal socks to review… but as I’d already invested in a pair, I handed the bright pink thermal socks to my mum to trial whilst working on the market.


The socks have a 2.3 Tog rating, which means your feet can get pretty toasty without having to do much. For me, it’s a perfect solution because my hands and feet easily turn icy cold, even in milder winter temperatures. The socks are rated as having a heavy thickness, which means that you really need to wear them with a slightly bigger shoe or welly. Because they are thick. Really thick (which is why they’re so toasty). For mum, out on the market, the socks were perfect for the quieter periods where she was standing around and trying to keep warm. But because they are so thick, after a while Mum actually felt too hot with them on, so if you’re looking to do something active, you’ll only need to wear these thermal socks if it’s seriously cold outside. It’s akin to having a couple of super-soft sleeping bags on your feet.

A very enjoyable experience.

You can get Heat Holders for men and women in an array of colours and stripy patterns right here, as well as thermal underwear, tights and leggings, gloves and hats, and more!


  1. They sound like just the thing for standing and watching small boys playing football in the freezing cold. Last night my feet got to the painful stage being stood outside for so long. I shall investigate them immediately!