March Reviews – Heat Holders

A few weeks ago, Heat Holders kindly sent me a couple of products to review; a pair of thermal gloves, and a pair of possibly the thickest socks I’ve ever owned! As Spring is still yet to arrive properly in the UK, and it’s currently SNOWING outside, I thought it was about time that I published my review.

Heat Holder thermal socks

Heat Holder Socks

These particular heat holder socks are knee length socks that are incredibly fluffy on the inside. They do, as the name suggests, hold the heat in very efficiently (they even come with a tog rating), and when temperatures are low, they’re every bit as good as slippers when you’re inside. My feet have a tendency to resemble ice blocks in winter, so thermal socks are a staple for me throughout the whole season, and these Heat Holders are probably the thickest and warmest socks I have, and subsequently keep my feet toasty! The only issue I really had with the socks was that because they’re so thick, I struggled to fit my heat holder-clad wide feed into my Hunter wellies (which are on the slim side for my paddle-like feet). I could just about cram them into my walking shoes, but wearing them with outdoor footwear can be a bit of a squeeze.

I guess though, it’s the same with any winter outdoor footwear – if you make allowances for thick socks, then you should be fine! They wash well and don’t shrink even when tumble-dryed, and although there can be a little shedding of the inner fluffy lining when you take the socks off, it’s not really an issue of any consequence. Certainly not in a household of fluffy mammals, anyway!

Heat Holders pink gloves

Heat Holder Gloves

Heat Holders also sent me a pair of thermal gloves to try out – a rather fetching pair of pink thermal gloves with a cable-knit type pattern on the front. The gloves were, as expected, toasty warm and incredibly soft inside. I have bad circulation in my hands especially – my fingers often go white and blue when the temperature drops below 5 degrees – so, again, the thermal gloves were a great option for me. No numb fingertips. Because they’re fabric, they’re only really suitable as ‘day wear’ gloves – by that, I mean that I couldn’t use them for gardening really… only if I put a pair of latex gloves over the top. Even then it’s quite difficult to do any finer jobs that require pinching actions. But otherwise, again, for daily wear in the bitter cold weather that we seem to be subject to at the moment, they’re fit for purpose.

The only issue I really had with the ladies’ gloves was that because I have relatively large hands for a woman, they were a bit on the tight side. As far as I can tell, they’re a one-size-fits-all, so if you’re like me and on the tall/broad/big handed side, then you might want to perhaps consider the men’s gloves.

Hope this review has been of some use to you. Stay warm!

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