Little Hen Rescue Need to Rehome 10,000 Ex-Battery Hens – can you help?


A recent news article detailed what a mammoth (but achievable) task Little Hen Rescue have in successfully rehoming 10,000 battery hens. The hens are due for slaughter unless they’re homed, as the farm is closing.

If you are considering having hens (and if you are, don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries or advice), have room for a few more, or know someone that can take them on, please get in contact with to find out more about your rehoming.  Don’t forget there’s a thriving community and an amazing amount of support for new and experienced henkeepers alike at so once you take on your girls, you’ll not be alone!

Keeping ex-batt hens in particular is so rewarding, it can have its challenges (as can any pet), but you’ll never tire of the daily egg hunt, the soft clucks and turn of phrases. If you’re a bit sensible, they won’t wreck your garden – in fact, they’re one of the best defences against slugs and bugs! They get on fine with cats. They’re cheap to feed and will come to you when called. And they’re great with kids (as long as children don’t chase and poke). They can put themselves to bed (some will take a couple of weeks or so to learn to do this), and when you go on holiday, if you’ve got a secure run, they’re easy for a neighbour or friend to look after. I can guarantee that rehoming ex-battery hens will prove to be one of the most positive moves you and your family will take.

And of course, watching them progress from sad, pale, scraggly, thin and slightly bewildered animals to glossy-feathered, chatty, active, healthy ladies is an absolute joy. I can’t put that point across enough. Seeing them taking their first dust bath, chasing insects, hearing them purr (yes, really!), learning to scratch, living the life of a real chicken is something you’ll always remember. And don’t forget the fresh eggs – until you’ve tasted or cooked with PROPER home-produced free ranged eggs, you won’t realise what rubbish you’ve been buying at the supermarket.

But of course, that won’t happen for these girls if they’re not found homes. No, the last moments of their miserable lives will see them packed off to the abbatoir, strung up by their ankles on a conveyer belt and killed. What a life, eh? That’s not me guilt tripping people into getting hens – that’s just the stark, uncomfortable, sad reality.

But YOU can make the difference between that sad existence, or a life of up to 7 or 8 years spent living the way they SHOULD have always had. YOU can give them that.

So if the thought has just flitted across your mind for a nano-second, why not just take a chance and do it? I did.  Go on, go to and sign yourself up for a few girls. It literally changed my life. In a very good way.

Let me know if you make the leap!


  1. Awww i hope they all get homes. We got 4 ex batts last weekend so we cant really accomodate, but i’d recommend them to anyone. They really are fantastically curious animals with their own individual personalities. And they do produce gorgeous eggs. I still get excited to open the coop and find an egg.

  2. Manor stables veg Plot says:

    I would love to keep ex batt hens (we have so much space it would be fantastic) and bees, but I have Beagles, who would munch the chickens for brekky, and Mr Veg is allergic to bees. Bugger.

  3. Thanks for putting this up Lucy! We’re trying very hard to find homes for all these girls, but it is a mamouth task as we all have jobs as well!
    I keep looking at my lot and wondering if I could squeeze a few more in!
    Hope you’re ok and not missing your lovely girls too much.
    P.S A not for the above message – I have a terrier that wanted to eat my hens and got quite close on one occasion (bad idea to have a dim sister on door duty with the hens out!) He now can be left on his own in the garden with them, it just takes a bit of time and a lot of consistancy!

  4. thanks for advice Anna! With 3, one could slip past me and uh-oh…..! New next door neighbours have just got some chickens, so see how they do with them! Cat x

  5. I love that last picture!

    All our girls are ex-batts – they do have their issues but the thought of the life they had compared to now makes it all worthwhile.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this for the hens! I’m in Miami, Florida and don’t have space (or zoning) for chickens (wish I did!), but I’m spreading the word! Keep up the great work!

  7. how do i adopt a hen? i would take one in myself i have a flat but my mum has a garden, how do i get one?/pick one up?

  8. elaine brown says:

    Hi there,
    i live in stanstead abbots, ware, herts and am looking to adopt to ex batt chickens as soon as poss. i can travel to pick them up. i have an eglu being delivered in 2 weeks and wondered if you are able to help me. i have a medium sized garden. thanks for any help you can give me.

  9. Karen Ellis says:

    I have signed up to take on a few hens, the family and I are so excited. Will be off to get my house & run as soon as we hear back from Little hen rescue, I think what they are doing is fantastic. If anyone has any tips for me they would be most welcome, we have never had hens before, but have been thinking about it for the past year, once we heard about the LHR plight, we felt that now was the time to take the plunge. Can’t wait to hear from them, check my emails twice a day, in hope. Do they contact you by email or phone, does anyone know???

  10. hi, i live in fort william,scotland and am desperate to rehome 3 or 4 hens for company for my one remaining chook. can you advise who i can contact up here to help?

    any help appreciated,

    thanks sharon.

    • ronald says:

      Just looking round my wife bought hens she will not let them free range because our 4 cockrels may hurt them,do you know what is safe for cockrels to have partners please thanks

  11. Helen Jones says:

    In reply to the last message – Jo at Little Hen Rescue will answer your emails eventually but bear in mind she has a lot of rehomers to deal with (enought o rehome 10000 hens!) Be patient and it will be well worth the wait. We keep ex-bats and also volunteer our services to LHR occasionally. If you can’t rehome hens but would still like to help them PLEASE offer to volunteer with rehoming days if you live in Norfolk – you will find it very rewarding.

  12. Debra Harper says:

    we have recently given thought to keeping some hens. Not having kept hens before but having rescued animals I am interested in whether a complete beginner could be considered suitable for rehoming.
    We live in south west scotland. Can you help me as to who we could contact around here. I am doing as much research as poss but any advice would be welcome.

    thanks Debra

  13. Anthony Berry says:

    Hi, my name is Anthony Berry and I live in a house with a huge back garden that backs on to a field. It is a very nice, green area close to Simister Farm Village, Prestwich, Manchester.
    We have sufficient housing for at least ten hens who would be comfortable, clean and warm as the cabin in the garden is connected to the eletricity mains.
    They would have plenty of space to roam around and it would be a joy to nurse and look after them.
    Please contact me.

  14. lisa hill says:

    hello aww this website was so helpful, we live in beccles and are looking to rehome some girls from nearby so if anyone knows of any that need rehoming in our area could you please let me know thanks so much!!

  15. George Devenish says:

    I am looking to rescue about 10 battery hens for a small holding in Lancashire can you help?
    Regards George

  16. Hi, I live in a rural area and have a peice of land by the side of my house and have recently fenced off some land and bought a chicken coop and would like to rescue some ex battery hens having researched the awful conditions these poor birds live in whilst doing a course in animal management.I live near guisborough in cleveland and wondered if I could help or if you could put me in touch with somebody close who could-thanks

  17. Hi there

    I know of a few fantastic organisations that work nationwide:

    Battery Hen Welfare Trust (although BHWT may have a long waiting list)
    Free At Last Hen Rescue:

    Also the ex-battery hen forum has loads of members who either run battery hen rescue organisations (including the above), or are directly involved in assisting with the rescues:
    They’ll be able to give you tonnes of info and advice.

    It’s free to join and also a brilliant source of information and support for ex-batt keepers.

    Hope this helps, please do let me know how you get on


    Smallest Smallholding

  18. Wendy Beggs says:

    Hello all you lovely people out there. Does anyone know where I can obtain some ex-battery chickens to give a new home to in Northern Ireland (Bangor) to be precise? Wendy Beggs

  19. Hi enquiring how to rehome battery hens, my brother has looked after hens for 20yrs and has got a large pen with cabins and could rehome about 30 hens. Ive tried ringing and e-mailing people and getting knowhere, if you could give me a phone number or e-mail address I would be grateful. I would like to have some ASAP before winter.
    Thanks Karen.

  20. Wendy,

    I also live in Co Down and have ten lovely ex battery hens. They are fantastic pets, easy to look after and are so theraputic to watch. Not to mention everyone comments on how beautiful the eggs are and they are always in demand!!! I call my chicks the “golden girls and they have fabulous personalities.”

    If it helps u I got mine from a battery farm in N Ireland. What you could do is to buy the Newsletter paper with the farming life section on a Saturday and you will find the ads for hens in the classified section. I got mine from there and the hens were £2.00 each. I had to go to Sixmile Cross for them near Dungannon.

    Good luck with it and I hope you save a few wee precious lives.


  21. Hi there
    We got 3 hens in September but only 1 has made it through and she is now very lonely….we are in desperate need to get her 2 pals (we only have space for a total of 3 hens) but most of these site only offer 3 as a minimum…any ideas?

  22. Hi I am thinking of rehoming some ex battery hens, is there any advive you can offer me. Also I would like to volounteer in any way I can and get more involved in rescuing the hens. I have sectioned off half of my garden for a vege patch and a coop for hens what is the best building that would be fox and dog proof? Can anyone help me on this info, I run a full time petcare company in the epping forest area and would like to help out any way I can? Thanks louise

  23. karen jordan says:

    hello we are looking to rehome 3 hens we live in epping,essex do you no the neariest place to get some ex battery hens ??

  24. hellooooo
    we are loking to rehome 4 hens at our home we have already bought and built our coop where could i get 4 of these 10000 hens xx

  25. james griffin says:

    Like Gemma 2/4/2010.- I have room for 3 in brand new accomodation how do i get them please
    preferably without long distance travel

  26. Sue Watson says:

    We want to rehome 6 hens but we live near Dublin we can go into Northen Ireland do you know where we can go?

  27. alison saunders says:


    i will rehome a few
    need to get a henhut and wheres the nearest place to bolton to get them?

  28. Steve macsweeney says:

    We are set up for 3 ex-bats. When and where is you nearest collection ?

  29. Yep we will give a lovely home to 3 or 4 of them and where can we collect from, we live in Wigan

  30. Hi, I would like to give 6 of the little beauty’s a loving home cause the special ones are just as important. I’m experienced with chickens and can offer a superb quality of life.

    Live in sandy, beds….could we arrange to collect?

  31. Hi could you tell me where we can get some ex batts and how much thay are each got a three acre field to house some we live in south yorkshire/north lincolnshire area

  32. Hi, I have 2 laying chickens at the moment and would like to adopt an other two can anyone tell me how to get them I live in Fife Scotland.

  33. I could home about 6 hens, details please. I live in Bedford

  34. shazzer says:

    I live in colchester and i do not drive” i have been looking for months for 6 chickens, i would love to re-home some. But as i do not drive and there are no local pick ups in my area i am now thinking of giving up on having chickens as its just to difficult to find any near me.

    • Bernadette Byrne says:


      I see that nyou don’t drive and would like some Chickens. . . . . .As you are in Colchester, you may know a little village called Bures heading towards Halstead/Sudbury direction – there is also a small townsland called Chappel nearby. There is a farmer in that area (sorry, I cannot remember the name of his farm or the correct address) but he is a Poultry farmer who supplies a major Supermarket chain with Eggs. EU regulation stipulates that the egg production of these chickens has a shelf life of 13 months only, and so therefore, he has to slaughter them every 13 months – literally thousands of hens. . . . . .It might be worthwhile keeping an eye on your local paper, as he advertises them for sale at around 0.50pence each, then what he don’t sell he slaughters. . . . . . .How terrible!!!

      The reason I know all this, is because we bought some from him about 5 years ago, and they were brilliant egg layers, and beautiful too! We found the advert in the Ipswich local paper. . . . . .

      Hope this helps, as you may be able to take a bus if you research the farm and where it is???

      Kind regards,

  35. Sandra Coombs says:

    I live in Northern Ireland and would love to rehome at least 3 of these lovely girls, have searched the net and cannot find any rescue centres for battery hens here. Is there any way I could do this?

  36. Theresa says:

    Can you help? I would love to keep a couple of chickens, but I am worried about looking after them properly. My main concern is that I don’t want to leave them in a run all day whilst I am at work. Is it O.K. to open the run door for them first thing in the morning and then put them to bed in the evening when I get home from work? This isn’t until about 6 each evening – does it matter that it is quite late and dark by then in the winter? Also- will they eat my garden plants? Any info would be great.


  37. Tom oscroft says:

    Yeah I would love to help I could house at least 20 hens on this bit of land I have they will be allowed to Rome free during the day and at night they will have a big 16ft shed to go on at night.

  38. Sandra and anyone looking to rehome ex battery hens in Northern Ireland. There are no rescue centres so you need to go to a local egg supplier who will sell u hens. The nearest one to my home is on the Ganaway Road, Ballywalter, Clements Egg Supplier. The owner Philip Clements is the man you will need to speak to. He has a massive turnover, and lets hens go every couple of months. He can be contacted on 02891 862107.
    I have already been through this process, have rescued 20 beautiful hens. Good luck Sandra hope this helps.

  39. PS Anyone who wishes help or advice on hen keeping, rescuing hens (I am in Northern Ireland) is welcome to email me on (please no junk mail, get enough of that!)

  40. I rang Philip Clements and got 6 little red hens…now starting their new lives at Scrabo…A good guy to deal with 🙂

  41. i wouldent mind re homeing a few battery hens

  42. Tricia ross says:

    Hi – about to complete on a purchase of a house which has a 100ft garden in middleton manchester and partner has agreed i can have some chickens. (woohoo) there is a large shed on the land which the owner kept guiniepigs in and alerady has a run attached to. will this be ok to convert into a hen house? if so what do we need to add to it to make it comfy for the girls? He is a joiner and so can make any of the necessary adjustments. i would like 4.

  43. interested in some hens 3 or 5 only though can you advise

  44. hello its me again im up here in derry and i would ent mind rehomeing 100 hens

  45. I can rehome six hens,i live in Carmarthen West Wales but i dont know where to go locally.Please can you help.

  46. I have has ex batt hens for 4 years and sadly lost one 2day, I live in Stirlingshire and is looking for a lonley hen to join my lonley hen,as now she is on her own….so sad! been intouch with BHWT but no release dates, can any one help my lonely girl, even though about re-homing her with some one else’s hens.

  47. mandy collins says:

    i would be, very interested in 8 ex battery hens please i live in llanpumsaint near carmarthen

  48. Hi i am in the process of adopting some chooks. I used to keep some years ago and want to get back into them. I would like views on chickbox the plastic boxes i’ve seen advertised, are they as good as they seem or too good to be true? I would love some feed back before i splash out.

  49. steve smith says:

    we have a 19 acre small holding with free range black rocks and wish to increase our flock we were looking for between 100 to 600 birds they would all live a very long and happy life here some of our hens are between eight and ten years old and still give the occasional egg

  50. Tracey Fletcher says:

    I am the manager of a residential home in hertfordshire, and we have have a chicken run built and were ready to buy our chickens when i saw you web site. We are only able to have 4 but i am sure we would rather provide a home to those who need it most.
    If you have 4 hens that need a large loving family please let me know as soon as poss
    Thank you tracey

  51. jill shiel says:


    hi iam interested in getting 3-4 rescue chickens could anyone help as to where i can get them i live in the scottish borders

  52. my daughter in law would like to rescue some chickens she lives in oxford and one helpshe got coop run and everything ready

  53. I would like to find out where I can get up to 10 hens. I have obtained permission to keep them on my allotment and am in the process of building a hen house and run.

  54. I live in Antrim In Northern Ireland and have been looking to rehome ex-bats for quite a while now but to no avail. Contacted Philip at McClements Egg Company, he was not helpful and quite unpleasant and then went on to inform me that it was cruel to rehome battery hens by taking them out of their environment and that we should rehome free range hens instead! Very disappointed am still at a loss as what to do next, will try the farming life but I realy want to rehome ex-bats, any ideas anybody?

  55. Patricia says:

    hi i am looking some rescue hens…around 6 would be great… i amnew at keeping chickens .. and would dearly love to rescue some..all my other animals are all rescue…i also live 30 mins away from collection is not a problem,,,

    wait for reply from you

  56. jus finished hen profing an old shed beside my house its big enough for couple of hundred but only have enough resources for around fifty live in north monaghan area an have experiences raising and caring for batery hens collection is a problem however n delivery would be a nice addition

  57. dawn griffiths says:

    Hi i am on a small farm and would have the facilities to home around 1000 chickens,we already have 5 very happy ex battery hens,11 silkie hens which we get a huge amount of enjoyment from i know this sounds a bit of a huge amount but we have a fair amount of land that is unused and i think the hens is an ideal and satisfying use of the field any help on where to get this amount from would be appreciated,regards Dawn.

  58. Ian Barratt says:

    Hi there my friendand I sharaabout 6 acres, we would love to re house up to 300 hens and would appreciate any help in locaing this number,thank you.Ian

  59. Hi i will shortly have room for 20 hens as i am reforming my allotment to accommodate poultry instead of growing my usual veg. Just not up to all that digging now so why not give these birds a better life and hopefully a few more later on once i make more room for them. Anyone know of rehousing program’s in Lancashire.
    Regards Steve.

  60. anita donohue says:

    Hi I am looking to rehome 3 rescue chickens a.s.a.p…this is a new venture for the family and we are all excited!!…we live in the Manchester area…i look forward to your early reply.

    Thanks Anita

  61. Morning,

    I have been looking at this site for a while, it is good what you do me and my partner went to chelford market on monday to buy some chickens but found that they were too over priced as it was a bank holiday,we have built the coop and are ready to become parents to some chickens along with our daughter who is looking forward to getting them, I live in the manchester area and would be grateful from hearing back from you to find out if we can come and rescue some chickens.

    Thanks Angela

  62. hey im looking for just 2 or three hens i have been looking at tha sspca and stuff but nothing lol x we would love 2 have some in the garden as we love animals and would have a zoo but thats not possible lol so im just wondering where you are situated and howcould we get some laddies xx thanks

  63. mrs evelyn hughes says:

    hi, i live in flint in north wales iv got room for 3 more chickens and would like to give a home to some ex battery hens could you help me do u know of anywhere in my aera that i could get in touch with looking forward to hearing from you

  64. peter tilson says:


  65. Frances Wrenne says:

    I have just built a run and I am looking for rescue hens I can house 8 to 12 hens. Please let me know if you can help me.
    regards. Frances
    P.S. I live in Cork

  66. lucy earp says:

    i would love to rescue hens, i have a big garden but need a run and advice before i get started can you help? thanks lucy



  68. I would like to rehome some battery hens. Does anyone know where to get them from?

  69. I live in oxford I have two hens ,was going to get two more .If you could give me two it would be great,hope to here from you .

  70. Hi, i am possibly moving house and would love to have hens and rescue a few battery hens, i was just enquirying if you have any still available and where you are based?
    thanks louise

  71. Samuel Thomas says:

    Hiya, i live in surrey and have a very large enclosure for some ex battery hens. I would love two or three to join my current flock and become free range!

  72. Elly cook says:

    Hi, i have 4 batam cockrels that need a new home they are very friendly and wanderd if you would be intreasted or no any one who would be. we just want then to have a good home and a full and happy life.

  73. Hi. I am looking to get 4-8 ex battery hens, but I live in Rep. of Ireland and I’m having trouble finding them? Do you know who I could contact to get some?

  74. Gaynor Edwards says:

    hi. i am considering getting some hens, however last time i kept outdoor pets (rabbits), they were taken by foxes, i have since moved house and have a large enclosed garden, how likely would it be that foxes would take them?


  75. hi, my husband 4 year old daughter and i are looking into giving a new home to 3 hens, this may be a silly question – but can they jump over fences?! we have a six foot fence on 3 sides of our garden but 3 foot on the other side – although we do have lovely neighbours!!

  76. selwyn davies says:

    Ihave half acre of land which i am developing this spring fo growing veg I have plenty of space to look after hens.Ihave once had 15 hens.I am now retired and have time on my hands.I live in North Wales.I would be ready mid March.Cheers Selwyn.

  77. Nikki Evans says:

    I have room for 1 from feb half term, she would be joining a lovely small flock so she could finally have a good quality of life. Would this be ok?

  78. patricia mostofi says:

    hi, we are looking for 4 hens for my garden for next few weeks time please, we are in east didsbury, Manchester please let me know if you have any,thank you

  79. Am looking to rehome 4 to 6 battery hens. coop is built but run will take 2 to 3 weeks to have ready. Can you help??

  80. have seven hen,s love everyone good for the granchildern they love feeding them,would like three more.

  81. I was wondering if you could help, at the minute we have two young roosters (beautiful birds) we need to rehome, we would also
    like to give a home to four battery hens.we have been enjoying owning chickens for 12yrs and sometimes one hen will disappear and will reappear 21 or so days later with a brood of babies,hence the need to rehome these two roosters. our garden is completely private and secure ,and the henhouse locked up at night,but if a hen goes under a shrub it can be difficult to find her. I would be grateful if you could help.yours sincerely Brian

  82. I am able to rehome a couple of hens. I have has a fair few chickens over the years. Still have a couple of my own hens, along with a couple of ducks. In the Wrexham (NORTH WALES) area.

  83. Terry Atkins says:

    We would love to re-house 4 hens please.

  84. Terry Atkins says:

    We have an allotment close by and have used a greenhouse frame to make a large secure run with the nesting box inside that. We have room for 4 hens.
    Terry & Debs

  85. P.J Pritchard says:

    I feel so sorry for the poor battery hens and would love to save some I have 7 acres of land on Anglesey a beautiful part of Wales and i’m thinking of keeping some hens and a few cockerels to keep them happy

  86. hiya,
    I would love to rehome some battery hens, please contact me on the email above.

  87. Hi Amanda where do you live? I have 2 chickens that need homes

  88. Hi,
    I would love to re home some ex-battery chickens. I live in East Lothian. Does anyone know if I can get some?

  89. I have a secure hen house with larged fenced area and would like to rehouse 3-4 hens. Many thanks

  90. Hi guys

    we live in the country and my daughter and granddaughter have a hen house and run ready for 2/3/ or 4 hens

    look forward to hearing from you

  91. Paul rooker says:

    HI we have just moved and have a huge garden I’ve built a pen and could home 6 hens I’ve been trying to email little red hen but I’m having no luck

  92. Hi Lucy and everyone,
    Just saw your great blog! I live in the south of Ireland and have rehomed some ex-batts….i’d highly recommend them!, so rewarding. I found it very difficult to get my ex-batts originally so just thought i’d post on here in case anyone is interested – there is a lady currently looking to rehome exbatts (see her add on – she’s based in west cork. It’s great to see so many of you interested in the ex-batts….they so really deserve a second chance and you won’t regret it!

  93. Hi Orla, thanks for your comment 🙂

    Yes I think I know who you mean, just the one lady. My friend was thinking of getting ex-batts and she lives just outside of Cor, but thanks so much for posting the link – I just with the system didn’t exist in the first place so we didn’t have to rehome them!

  94. carol elliot says:

    Please can you advice me as to the correct procedure in supporting adopting ex battery hens, we are looking for 6 hens to live in our(home)hotel garden as part of the family not the buisness.

  95. nicola or mark says:

    we will rehome any chikens or hens on are farm

  96. keith panther says:

    How do I get these hens? Thank you.

  97. waltz89 says:

    hi my name is ross walters my auntie has a smallholding and we started to sale the eggs but we have to many customers but not enough chickens to lay the eggs so is there any where we can get 100 ex battery hens please help us thank you

  98. jackie brinklow says:

    hi we have a small holding ourselves approx 18 acres and are looking for ex battery,we would be looking for 20-30,could you please contact me on above email many thanks jackie.

  99. im looking to find out about getting a rooster i have hens and i live in a housing estate but i need to know if it is allowed to have a rooster i live in co.meath. i dont want to get 1 and then have to lose it because of noise polloution. so i would love some feed back thanks.

  100. i am looking to get 6 ex battey hens for our garden i now live on a farm will you contact me please thanks paul

  101. looking for around 50 60 hens to hae fro rehoming i have a smallholding and take 50 to 60 now can you advice please how i get in contat thanks

  102. Janine Lloyd says:

    Hi there, we have just finished out run and can happily accomodate three rescue hens, the sooner the better.
    Please contact us

  103. i am trying to access website with no joy at all ,just keeps saying website can not be found? please help would like to rescue a few of these lovely hens. kind regards lisa.

  104. simon smith says:

    Hi, I am looking for 3 hens for my garden. i have a half acre plot and have a large coop all ready to go.can you help.

  105. simon smith says:

    sorry forgot to say i am on the border between lincolnshire and norfolk.

  106. Mrs J Dale says:

    I am looking to house at least 6 ex battery hens.We have kept hens previously ,so have got all the necessary things to get started,(hut,run etc)please tell me the nearest place we can pick up, we live in North Yorkshire.

  107. SEAN THORPE says:

    I have about 30 chucks some rescued.I find my girls tend to teach the ex battreys the out door style of living. And they settle easier. I have plenty of land and will be willing to home up t 40. Sean

  108. Update – please read:

    The 10,000 hens in my blog article were all rehomed some time ago. However, if you’re still looking, there are 3 good rehoming organisations that I know of that might be operating in your area:

    The Battery Hen Welfare Trust – (now British Hen Welfare Trust)
    Free At Last –

    I know that Little Hen Rescue in particular have another big rehome coming up and are looking for homes very soon if you’re interested. I’m not sure whether they only rescue a limited number as none of these girls are allowed to go out for commercial production again.

    You can also find out more by joining the ex-battery hens forum, where some of the members are actively involved in rescuing and rehabilitating battery hens. The forum is free and can be found at:

    All rehoming organisations listed above have coordinators around the UK and I’m sure you’ll be able to take on some girls soon.


  109. Mrs Sue Hobbs says:

    I would like to home some ex battery hens – probably 3/4. Can you please give me some information on how to go about this and let me know if you have a local co-ordinator in West Sussex.

    Thanks you for any help you can give


  110. Jaco fouche says:

    i look for about 20 hens can someone help? i stay near berwic upon tweed??

    Thanks Jaco

  111. Andrew & Emma Barker says:


    We are looking to re-home about 30 hens if possible.

    Please contact us by email.


    Andrew & Emma Barker

  112. syd gerrish says:

    I have ordered a hen coop, and now I would like to rehome at least 5 battery hens. It was either hens or Bantams, but after seeing the battery hens I really felt for these poor hens.

    I live in East Lothian. Could you give me a wee bit info as where to purchase them.

  113. syd gerrish says:

    I found a place in East Lothian and they are selling battery hens. It is Knowes Farm by East Linton. They are re stocking at the end of the month with free range hens.

  114. david mcpheators says:

    ilive in countryside in ayrshire with 2 acre of land and i,m looking to have some hens (6 to start with) any advice most welcome

  115. Alexandra Conn says:

    I would be very interested in taking 50 hens please contact us so that we can find out more information in doing so.

  116. Sandra Wells says:

    I would like 10-12 hens please that either lay or will do so at some point. Thank you. I live in Scotland.

  117. I am looking to house 4 hens when my new chicken coop arrives.Please contact to let me know how I do this.

  118. hi there, im working with an organic nursery and we are now wanting to have some ex batt hens to put on the land, we are looking for 50+ to start with. there will be 6-8 coops for them brand new. can you contact me with more info on how we can collect, thanks Mandie 🙂

  119. Heather says:

    Hi we are very interested in having six ex battery hens. Please let me know if this is possible.
    Thank you
    Heather Addison
    The deerPark farm

  120. hi i live in tottenham and i want to by chikens but i don’t know
    where i can get dem in essex that they diliver to your home

  121. Lisa Shiels says:

    Hi I would love 4 chickens please I had two and 1 died but still have my laying chicken. Would love to help and give them a good home. I live in Balintore in Ross-shire so I could meet you in Inverness to pick up.


  122. Please help,

    We are keen to rescue some ex battery hens and would love to help. Please reply.

  123. Dilys Davies says:

    I Have just ordered a hen house and run which is being deleivered tomorrow, and I am interested in given 2 battery hens a god home (new to me but I am gathering info from friends who have chickens and reading up on the subject).
    Please could you let me know how I go about obtaining the chickens?
    Thanking you in anticipation,

  124. tania Valebtine says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if there are 3 ex battery hens in carmarthenshire that need a home. I have had battery hens before they were mostly bald very thin and i a bit of a state when i got them i have nursed them back to health and they enjoyed a free range life. i have lost a few to old age now and am looking to take my little brood back up to six for now. I am saving up for a bigger coop so that i can eventually home more.

    I hope that you can help
    Tania x

  125. hi am looing for Ex-Battery Hen that i can rescue. and does anybody kno were u can rescue some in oxford

  126. Dawn Allington says:

    Hi Jo, I would very much like to rehome 3 or 4 hens from the rescue which I see from Little Hen Rescue website is taking place in Essex on sat 10th Sept. We have a few girls already from previous rescue in Norfolk still with us, and would love some more now. We have ordered a lovely coup and run for them so as not to disturb the other ladies who are enjoying their retirement and would not like
    younger ones bothering them.
    Please could anyone give me the Essex Coordinators details please
    if this posting is for Little Hen Rescue, many thanks
    Dawn Allington

  127. helen corfield says:

    Hi There
    I am in lincolnshire and am struggling to find ex battery hens to rescue as it would seem the lincs coordinator is currently unavailable

  128. We keep ISA browns free range. Have just acquired a Sussex white cock and we also keep and breed Muscovy ducks. Trouble is although we have six acres of fallow grassland, if we have over 50 birds we have to be registered with Defra. Irony is that we are rural with no foxes in the locality due to the nature of the soil. Heavy clay, no rabbits, no badgers, no foxes as dens and warrens would flood.
    Would love to take on some poor buggers….But the law stops us from helping. If anything we need a lobby group!

  129. Hi,
    I was wondering if you would be able to let me know of any ex battery hens that are for sale. My grandad has lots of geese and ducks but sadly he only has 6 chickens left. He is looking to rescue quite a few chickens. If you have any available would you be able to contact me back?

    Thanks, Zoe.

  130. dose anyone want and light sussex hens at point of lay only two left. i live in colchester and call 01206751529

  131. For anyone living within travelling distance of Raunds, Nr. Peterborough, who is interested in adopting ex-batts, you could contact Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary.

    They rescue ex-batts and re-home them. It is a wonderful place; they take in all sorts of animals in need of rescuing. Any creature not re-homed stays with them as their forever home. No animal is ever euthanased unless for health reasons. They have a vet calls in once a week to co a health check and treat any animal in need of attention.
    A family run concern who are all vegans.


  132. Anyone know were I can rescue battery hens on the Wirral just preparing garden for re housing some. New comer to this any tips would be appreciated.

  133. Dawn kinnear says:

    We would like to give some battery hens a new home in northern Ireland,can you tell me how I can find out where I can get some.
    Dawn Kinnear

  134. Fresh start for hens has a rehoming on the 15th October 2011, please see the website, if you wish to reserver any hens. This will be our last rehoming this year. we have collection points across the country, which are detailed on the website

  135. Hi guys, these hens have all been rescued, here are some more hen rescue organisations you can try: (british hen welfare trust) (Little Hen Rescue) (Free at Last)

    as well as Sophie McCoy, who rescues and rehomes in the Wigan area:

  136. caroline conway says:

    Hi there, I am looking to rehome some xbats. I am actually in Fife, near StAndrews, do you know anywhere near there that could help? I have an eglu go with 4 chickens and have just ordered the cube so I can house some of these girls. I would love to help and know these are birds that need a second chance. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks Caroline
    (currently have an australorp, light sussex, buttercup and a lavender araucana. 2 are only 26 wks and the other 2 about 1 year) There isnt any stiff competition as they free range about the garden and there is a lot of space for all. Also, my daughter loves them and as even tamed the araucana, which i have been told is difficult! Anyway, hope someone can help.

  137. Caroline, We are a battery hen rescue for South Scotland and north england. We are based in Dumfries and we currently have about 90 battery hens still looking for homes. have a look at our website or give us a call on 07866747769

    Many thanks, and i hope i am not stepping on anyone’s toes posting this here but we have the same goals in mind!

  138. we are in the proccess of getting our garden set up , and building a coop as we would love 3 or 4 chickens and your site sounds lovely but im in cardiff and im afraid you might be too far away from us .

  139. saya Buxton says:

    Yes please would love to rehome some chicken would be looking for about 20 if possible – we live in scotland near edinburgh if that is near?

  140. LuckyHens Rescue are based in WIGAN

    They have been going in Wigan for 2 years now. 🙂

  141. I got my Ex battery Hens from LuckyHens Rescue in Wigan

    I can highly recommend Alison 🙂 x

  142. Mike Gordon says:

    Hi my name is mike and i have a small holding just north of Aberdeen and i am looking for battrey hens and give them a free range life , Round about 100

    Thanks Mike

  143. hi there i have a farm an there is no chickens threr at the mo could u plz email me i was lookin four around 40 many thanks sam

  144. homes4hens says:

    We are an ex-battery hen rescue based in dumfries, south west scotland. If you are able to re-home some hens please contact us on 07866747769 or through our website

    Please do not post a response on here as it does not allow me to contact you back unless you post your email address. Many thanks

  145. Michael corrigan says:

    I am very interested in rehoming battery hens or any other, could anyone please email me on if they need a home for their hens thankyou

  146. Could you please tell me where i can get some ex-battery hen from we have just got a new chicken coop and can’t hold of some hens. Thank you. Gill

  147. Lynn Clark says:

    I am interested in buying approx 10 chicken and wondered if you could contact me with some details


  148. hi I had the fortune to get some 12 ex batts in may I must say I have been bitten by the bug went out today to my local batt farm as he is having a clear out tomorrow and now ive got a flock of over 100 birds lol i did say i was bitten and must also point out i do live on a farm

  149. good news just been told by the farmer that he is no longer going to keep battery hens and is now going to concentrate on barn hens not the best but at least no more caged hens hooray out of the 100 i rescued today i have some that will need a new home so if anyone is intrested in homing some of these new girls contact me on here and leave some contact detailsand i will contact you

  150. forgot to say I live in ayrshire

  151. I really want some chickens but our neighbours, who have chickens, have had a fox problam and i dont know that that wont happen to me. is there anything i can do to keep foxes out of my garden. please repli because i would really like to rescue some hens. thanks x

  152. We would love to rehome six hens as all ours are getting old and in need of company


    New Charity

    Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing

    Next rescue date 17th December and need numbers ASAP

  154. Wow, I can’t believe people are still posting on here. To reiterate, if you want to adopt some ex-battery hens, here are some rehoming organisations: (british hen welfare trust) (Little Hen Rescue) (Free at Last)

    Please visit their websites for contact details. There is no point asking the author, Lucy, for hens as she only blogged about it. She is not a hen purveyor!

  155. Paul and Alison Saunders if you look at this site contact me (write to me with your address and email ) I have lost your email and address and cannot reply to your Chritmas cards – last year i sent one but it was returned (wrong address) Hope you get this:)


  156. Hilary Whitworth says:


    I have been looking at having some hens for a while now. I would like to ask if we could home some battery hens. I have a big garden and a secure chicken run, donated to me by my daughter and can have a secure enclosre by the end of Jan

    My telephone no. is 0777 387 0045



  157. karen harvey says:


    I note the blog started in 2009 but hopefully you can still help. I am just a couple of miles from you in Nunthorpe and just bought a chicken coop today to install 3 ex battery hems as new family members. I hope to have an area sorted and fox safe in the garden in approx a month. If you are aware of any where local I can purchase battery hens I would be grateful



    PS re the lady with beagles, we have a lurcher who killed a wild rabbit in the first year we had him but now will let a guinea pig run around the same room as him without showing any inclination to attack him. It just takes socialising (but still wouldn’t trust him alone with small animals

  158. I live at Meriden not far from NEC (Birmingham/Coventry) we have a henhouse, run and very large country garden, just need to find 3/4 ex battery hens to live with us.
    Please ring 07746826489 if you can help

  159. norma dawson says:

    we want a cockerllel i live on a farm and have a pen for our chickens but we are looking for ducks as well

    • Jon Taylor says:

      Hi Norma, I saw that you need a Cockerel and wondered if you still need one I have a black coloured Pekin cockerel that is around 7-9 m0nths old, if you are not too far away from London I could if you wanted him, bring him to you if not too far away
      please let me know either way
      thank you

  160. We are an ex-battery hen rescue based in dumfries, south west scotland. If you are able to re-home some hens please contact us on 07866747769 or through our website

    Please do not post a response on here as it does not allow me to contact you back unless you post your email address. Many thanks

  161. We just got lucky because hens from our neighbor lay eggs in our backyard. The neighbor don’t know anything about it. Free eggs for us.

  162. Hi All

    LuckyHens Rescue is Wigan is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) and we like to help were we can, we are now currently helping Little Hen Rescue, providing them with ex battery hens from our farm.

    If anyone is looking to give a loving home to ex Battery hens, Please get intouch with Alison on : 01942 233375 or 07888730763. Thank you 🙂 x

  163. firma sprzątająca warszawa says:

    Thank you for any other informative blog. The place else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I’ve a undertaking that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  164. adam-lee morgan says:

    i live in derbyshire and i am looking for ex bat hens to rehome on my allotment with my other chucks is there anywere local that you know of were i can get them from

  165. Hope they all get good homes i might have one

  166. Lisa White says:

    I want to give a good home to some battery chicken but will need to build a hen house and run for 2-4 Hens in my garden. I have a big garden wich a large lawnand veg patch. I am a single lady so will need good adviceand help. I [ove chickens and would be so happy to help some chickens have a happy frre range life away from life in shed or small cage with hundred of other hens. Lisa White

  167. hi i already have 11 but would be interested about 8-9 we have a quite big garden and a pig and 4 dogs out the back garden and pig and chicken have their own area from the dog would be well looked after. please reply thankyou

  168. hi i already have 11 but would be interested about 8-9 we have a quite big garden and a pig and 4 dogs out the back garden and pig and chicken have their own area from the dogs they would be well looked after. please reply thankyou

  169. how much are they

  170. got 4 rescue hens the other day, its going to be a long road back for them but at least they will have a nice big garden, lots of green grass and fresh air.

  171. stacey says:

    I can rehome at least 20 battery hens but can’t find one site on where to get them from, I am based in Cheshire and would appreciate some help if anyone can advice? Thanx

  172. linda carter says:

    have just purchased a hen house and run from tinternet and will be looking for 4 chickens when it arrives-can’t wait to give a home to the chickerdees,my nearest pick up point will be peterborough and will be in touch soon

  173. Jonathan says:

    Apologies if my posting this is via the incorrect forum/method, but I don’t twitter or facebook.

    I have ordered a new coop for mid July for my back garden in Cardiff.

    My garden is large for these poor birds to have a great life, I hope.

    I am/will be a first time chicken owner, but I am able to take 4 in a coop built for 8.


  174. planed to find some chicken but the coop we brought did not have a ladder any one got one please

  175. Wondering if anyone can help me to get hold of 3 ex batts for my garden just outside aberdeen? coop and run good to go but the nearest ive found so far is in dumfries ie an 8 hour round trip.
    any help appreciated, thanks.

    • barbra cooper says:

      hi, yes im lookin at taking on 5 ex batts and i have no transport, im in the highlands just outside newtonmore, dumfries is the only place in scotland close to me. if u still interested may b we go together and share petrol cost if u got a vehicle.

  176. I really want a hen but I don’t know how much they are does anyone know???

  177. Libby Davidson says:

    I would be able to take 4 hens at the moment, I live outside Newtownards if that is any help to anyone

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  179. Hello. I have four laying hens, approximately 4 months old. I am urgently looking for a good home for them. If anyone can collect from North Ayrshire, near Kilbirnie, please let me know as soon as possible.

  180. Hello – one of our Hens is, sadly, coming to the end now. My question is: would it be cruel to keep the surviving chicken on her own? She’s ok, seems strong and healthy, although she’s about 10 years old? Would it be kinder that she follows her little friend to heaven?

    • I think that one hen on her own, at the end of her life, is probably OK to keep her on if she’s an old codger. If you’re able to give her some extra attention, then even better. I’m pro-life so would always let them live out their lives to the natural end… maybe you can find her a flock and have the old girl integrated for the rest of her life. Whereabouts are you based? I can help if you would like to see her integrated into a new flock.

  181. billy middlehurst says:

    do the hens not scratch the grass up i thought they would do

  182. Hi
    could someone can pass me the contact umber or e-mail a chicken farm. want to buy 1000 to create free range. But the price is too high.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Gilberto, this post was created almost two years ago and is no longer valid. All ex-battery hens or commercial hens mentioned on my blog are looking for pet-only homes for retirement, not for further commercial use or to be dispatched at a later date when they are no longer laying. I suggest you speak to local farms in your area or perhaps Poultry Pages can help. Thanks, Lucy

  183. colin benton says:

    hi i also live in guisbriough i would be able to take 10 hens as i have set up a run and have at least 1 acre of land ready for them to run in this would be a first for me so im starting with 10 please help me i dont know how or who to contact to get hens i am out of work so only able to make a small donation £15 max

  184. hey i would love to take some battry hens how much are they and where are you based?

  185. hi,
    we are moving tp Llandisul in April and have a hen house for 25 hens, does anyone have any ontact for ex battery hens in need of good home

  186. I would be very interested in taking some Ex-Battery hens. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Can you give me more information please.

    Many thanks

  187. Diane turnbull says:

    Hiya I’m looking to rehome some chickens i have a big allotment. With 2 big houses that can hold up2 40chickens I would love to help by rehousing some for you.I’m from Durham so if u could get back to me on them that would be great thank you:-)

  188. I have two beautiful cockerels I need to re home as I already have a mature one. I need to add new blood to the coup so a swap for a couple of girls would be great. Live near Edinburgh can anyone help please.

  189. hi i have got a couple of feilds (my wife has horses) i would like to to re home some hens i live in east sussex (eastbourne area) does anyone know of any thing my email is thanks

    • This post was written quite a long time ago, so I would suggest checking out Little Hen Rescue’s website for their next rescue in 2013.

  190. vicky and aarron says:

    Hi..we lost our cockrel due to old age and the girls havn’t been the same since. Any needing a home in Banff, Aberdeenshire?

  191. Hi I have I cane rehome 10 hens if they still need a home I live in Birmingham and a love chikens I have 5 chikens and they are lovely please call me on 07805938101

  192. jasmine says:

    im looking for 10 may be 12 hens for my garden

  193. Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was super
    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any helpful hints for novice blog writers?
    I’d really appreciate it.

  194. wendy cutts says:

    hi i have 5 old lady’s at the moment would it be a problem mixing them with ex battery hens if not i would like to take in about 10 to 15 hens tanks

  195. Hello
    Are there any hens still needing homes at the moment?

  196. aaron dagnall says:

    hello I want about 4 ex battery chicken and I have farm big field and but medium field what duck pond and grass area next coop mean
    ex battery chicken together duck because my pet duck only two but one very old and one very young I idea make new friend with ex battery chicken friend duck can
    and but what how much 4 ex battery chicken???

  197. Hi I have 4 lovely hens that we hatched and cared for ourselves, they are 18weeks old, but we have got a second coop and can rehome about 10 as husband is converting the old shed to acomadate more, my 6 year old daughter has become really attached to the 4 we have got and sits reading them stories everyday, the bantom that we’ve got even sits on her knee for a fuss. So will be coming to a loving home with plenty of space to run round. Please let me know if we can help with rehoming we are from the Wrexham area. Thank you x

  198. how do you rehome ex battery hens

  199. Marilyn says:

    I will love to have about 20 rescue hens I live in Patton Mo.

  200. Mohammed says:

    I would love rehome about 10 ex battery chickens, please advise how?

  201. Hi we hatched 3 chicks. Think they are silkies and a friend was going to have them at 5 weeks. They are now 4 weeks old and she thinks 1 or 2 are male so she doesnt want them anymore. Im desperate to find a good home for them where the boy or boys wont be killed, They are lovely little chicks but we were never intending to keep them past 6 weeks. Any help would be great. thanks

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