Been eating my onions almost every day for the past week. In soups, chillies, in baguettes with tofu weiners (no, really, they are not as disgusting as they sound) …So no scurvy for me!

They’re seriously tasty though – Rich has made a declaration that they are the best he’s ever tasted. And for Rich that is some serious banter. I think he’s just used to the blander Spanish onions from the supermarket. Although mine are smaller, they’re so much sweeter – whether that’s the variety or because I’ve pulled them up relatively earlier than I think I ought to have done, remains to be seen.

So next year, I’m doubling the size of my onion plot. I eat onions like they’re going out of fashion, and hopefully by then I’ll have room to store them. There will be Hercules planted again, but I’m introducing some stiff competition to the almighty Hercules, in the shape of Bedfordshire Champion onions. Being Bedfordshire born and bred, I couldn’t resist.