Grow Your Own Healthy Juices

I have been thoroughly spoiled. Rich bought me a big, bad mother of a juicer for my birthday and the plan is to try and grow as much as my own fresh produce for power juices to help me get set up for a day of health and happiness. Here’s one I made earlier!

Papaya and pineapple juice

The plan is to have a power juice (preferably green) in the morning and then my two usual meals, full of fibre and everything else I need for the rest of the day. I’m not a believer that juicing all the time is really that good for you, but for someone like me who regularly skips breakfast or opts for a carb-laden option of toast, cereals or even a bag of crisps, juices present a much healthier and easily digested option.

As a vegan I have to do a little more planning to make sure that I get everything that I need week in, week out. I take a B-vit supplement but I also like to try and eat as seasonally and as locally as possible… and you don’t get more local than your back garden. I also don’t drink caffeine in any shape or form – caffeine intolerance and allergies runs in the family so it’s no surprise that it leaves me feeling groggy, sick and slightly anxious. So I have bought a few bits and bobs to throw in my juices (just maca powder and spirulina powder for now) to help give me a boost when life gets a bit hectic. As it often does.

organic burst maca powder

There’s also a question of thriftyness. Juicing can cost a LOT if you’re continually buying in fresh fruits and veggies (although our local farm shop is significantly thriftier than our supermarkets). Spinach, kale, cucumbers and apples all appear in many a green juice recipe, so those are four things that I’ll definitely be looking to grow myself this year. Some produce will have to be seasonal, but some things like spinach and raspberries I can grow myself and freeze for use  later. I’m not sure my two apple trees will be producing much fruit but I do know a few people who are often desperate to give away their windfall…



  1. Inspiring… Love it
    Came across this 16 days #SaveOurFood campaign. Another way we all can build sustainable food systems by helping African farmers get free Permaculture and information technology training. Here is the link to join and help Save our Food through this link

  2. Hi there. Just got into smoothies/juices myself as just been diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Hugh F-W in his newest cookbook – Light & easy, has a few smoothies. Two I really love – Banana and Apple, and Banana and Kiwi. Gorgeous for breakfast. Keep going with the Polytunnel, worth their weight in gold. Could do without mine, its been full all winter

  3. Nice post with some really good photos to, it was really inspiring to read, I will be sharing this with all of my office.

  4. I am so in love with your blog!

    Juicing is sooooo expensive cos you have to use so much fruit/veg for that glass of juice!

    Growing your own would definitely be cheaper, if you can grow enough! I always have such limited space to grow my fruit and veg that everything I grow is so precious, I couldn’t bear to juice it! So I try and buy my fruit and veg for juicing from markets where it’s cheaper!

    I think it’s also really important to use the pulp and not waste it!

    Lorna | |

    • Yep, I’ve also been going to the farmer’s market to get fruit cheaper (and no packaging) so works out a lot better. Just wish spring would hurry up and get here a bit quicker, I can’t take many more of these cold, dull, grey days!

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