Grow Your Own – Better Late Than Never


I am knackered. My sleep is going haywire and it’s been taking it’s toll on me.

And this post is a bit of a show and tell!

Yesterday though, I actually *finally* managed to get down to the allotment. Thankfully Mum had been down two or three times since my last visit, and it wasn’t in too bad shape. I weeded around the onions (because as all onion growers know, it’s vital to keep them weed free), hoed between the potatoes and started reeling in the blankets of chickweed that were threatening military dictatorship of my plot.

I was met by another nice surprise – we have a raised asparagus plot on our allotment. We snapped a bit off but it was tough as old boots and some stalks had already gone to seed, but nice to know for future reference. I already have a tonne of asparagus growing here at the Smallest Smallholding in the flower borders, but I let it go to seed because it’s so striking. Speaking of going to seed, the rhubarb had grown about 3ft since I last saw it, and was starting to flower. I pulled out the biggest leaves from the base in the vague hope that I’ll still be able to harvest some of the more tender rhubarb in the coming weeks…

All is going ok here. I’m still horribly behind with my sowing – sweet peas are so late now that they’re going to have to be sowed directly and I’ll hope for the best. I’ve saved some old squash bottles and cut them in half to make mini cloches, to try and protect the growing sweet peas from the clutches of enquiring hen beaks. The broad beans are coming along nicely though, despite also being about three months late. Cabbages – Primo and Kilaxy – are both coming along nice and despite being left outside in their seed modules have evaded the beady eyes of the woodpigeons.


My super duper early Tendersnax carrots are actually coming along quite nicely in the pots. I’ve been pricking them out two or three times a week, but I’m still sure I’ll only end up with enough carrots for about 2 meals. My directly sown early Nantes (I think? Still yet to put in labels) carrots are pushing through. They’ll be a bit of an experiment this year as I haven’t put ANYTHING of nutritional value into the soil yet. I might try and feed them as I go along…bit cobbled together but that’s just the way I seem to work at the moment. The tomatoes are going great guns in the conservatory, aubergines are coming along VERY nicely, and my other mystery seed trays are doing ok. The lavender and rosemary cuttings have been a bit of a disaster though, I think I neglected to water them enough and now I only have one surviving specimen of each.



The rabbits – or The BunBuns as they will be know as from hereonin – are getting through a bag of curly kale every day. So I think it’s time that I hunted down a packet of seeds and started to try and opt for the cheaper option of growing my own. Thing is, it probably won’t be ready until late autumn/winter. Oh well. There’s always next year. Trouble is, I am starting to run out of space, so I’m going to have to dig out yet another veg plot here. I haven’t even got around to finishing digging the other one yet. Hence why no parsnips or sweetcorn in the ground. Oh heck – HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP! My uncle has a turf spade which may help my plight, but it’s the digging out of the rubble (I still shake my fists at the builder that thought it was a good idea to bury it) that takes an age.

So on the agenda for next week (and yes, it’s late, I’m working at Lucy speed):

  • Finally sow sweet peas direct (wildlife magnets)
  • Sow sweetcorn in trays
  • Sow butternut squashes (might try grow bags even though I intensely dislike them)
  • Think about growing parsnips (and actually sow if have space)
  • Get the last of the blasted potatoes in at SS (and enjoy very late crops of early and maincrop potatoes)
  • Put in a few remaining onion sets (my version of successive sowing/growing)
  • Get down the allotment and Weed for Britain

I think I need a new motto – “Better Late Than Never”


  1. It’s amazing how quickly it happens isn’t it. One minute I had a few incredibly daring peas in some toilet roll tubes, and the next I had 400 tomato seedlings, about double that of dill, my garden was full of comfrey that had sprung up overnight and the peas had doubled in size were trying to escape the confines of my house. All feels like it’s getting out of hand. My potatoes are still on my windowsill.

    I think it is better late than never though – everything I’ve planted in the last week is at least as big now as everything I planted in April, and all that stuff seems to have put on a lot of growth recently. They seem to catch up very quickly when it gets hotter.

    Love your rabbits!

  2. Lindsay Mccann says

    Nice to see other people are behind in planting soon

  3. Cute bunnies. I know I shouldn’t ask, because I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I just have to know: are they, er, on the menu?

  4. Trust Soilman to ask that question! :o)

    I think we al;l try out best, but life just runs away with you! (I am also still at work – it 6.45, and been here since 8.30!) – I’m lucky that can go straight into the patch when i get home rather than have to go down the allotment. Joy! We all beat ourselves up about getting stuff in late, but I normally take it as a prodder for doing it when i read soemone elses blog!!

    Bunbuns are CUTE!!

    Cat x

  5. good grief, no they’re not for the pot! 🙂

  6. bun buns are very cute! i too am a little late in rather a lot of things, but not all entirely my fault – some the fault of some slightly peckish not quite so cute rabbits that happen to be wild around here…. some the fault of having a baby just in time to start sowing/planting!

    good luck with getting it all in!