Goodbye, Twenties

Here I find myself again at the end of the year, facing yet another birthday, another growing season gone by and a failed resolution that I will “definitely blog more this year”. Sorry about that. My ability to balance work, a house that seems to revert to chaos five minutes after I’ve cleaned it, and multiple animals seems to have gone awry as the year progresses… but it didn’t begin that way. For me, 2012 began with a redundancy – not the best of starts, but it was one of those blessings in disguise (although, it felt far from it at the time). But I will try to blog next year, because I need to. It helps me to reflect and readdress the balance. It spurs me on.

2013 is going to commence with a couple of small, but significant changes. Firstly, as of Monday 31st, I will no longer be a “twenty-something in search of the good life.” Nope. I will be starting a new decade, saying goodbye to my 20s, and hello to my 30s. I thought I would be horrified when I got here, but really, I’m feeling more “myself” now. I’ll be 30, and it’ll feel right. I’m perfectly happy about it.

The second small change is that I’ve made the decision to go dairy-free in the new year. Well, a trial in January, at the very least. I’ve been a very strict vegetarian for over 20 years, and I thought it would be good to try and take the next step. I don’t think I’ll ever be a fully-fledged vegan, but from an ethical point of view, being a dairy-free veggie somehow makes more sense to me. I also feel that I rely too much on cheese – it’s so easy to fling a cheese roll together for lunch – so I’m hoping it’ll help me to be more adventurous. I also have a condition which could possibly be exacerbated by the consumption of dairy (still very much a theory), so it will be interesting to see if there is any improvement when I cut it out. We will continue to support our local mikman and buy organic milk for Rich, but I will be exploring alternatives and researching the dairy industry to try and come to a logical, ethical conclusion about dairy in my diet. So I’m currently munching my way through my Christmas chocolate gifts, the cheese and the last of the ice cream in preparation for 2013.

Smallest Smallholding-wise, there is not much to be done. The garden is dormant and I continue to supplement half the bird population of Bedfordshire through the winter. It feels as though it has rained pretty much non-stop since August, and the ground is sodden – but luckily no floods here as yet. The forecast is more rain, rain, sleet and rain, whilst temperatures remain puzzingly warm, and so I will have to keep cleaning the bird feeders regularly to help keep fungal diseases at bay from winged visitors to our garden. At some point we’ll also have to tackle the trees, as they’re growing to stupendous heights and casting huge shadows over the garden in summer. We will also be visiting a local nursery to buy some paper birch trees to plant in before spring.

This year, my family’s gifts were wrapped in newspaper – each page was selected for pertinent images or stories!

So plans, as always, are afoot – but for the next week or so before work recommences, I’m taking an opportunity to stay indoors, wear my pyjamas, cuddle the cats and leaf through the seed catalogues for next year. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all my readers! xx


  1. Merry Christmas Lucy, I hope you enjoy your rest

    • Thanks Poppy… I managed to get ill for my birthday (now, there’s a surprise…) but am on the mend and really looking forward to 2013. This year I hope the rain lets up a bit!

  2. It all sounds like a vey good plan.

    Merry Christmas and all the very best for the coming New Year.

  3. great blog here-good luck with the dairy free diet in the new year too : ) Katy

    • Thanks! Only on day two of dairy free and already looking forward to making lots of yummy dairy alternatives 🙂

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