Foie Gras Rage

One of our garden centres in nearby Woburn Sands has recently opened a new cookshop. It’s a sort of mix of farm shop, wholefoods and world cuisine with some really interesting products. There’s a specialist cheese counter, and a Woburn Country Foods (from the local Duke of Bedford’s Woburn estate) counter selling free range poultry and pig food products.

So all in all, quite good really.

But as I was looking around Rich called me over to a chiller cabinet, where he’d been looking at some fish. He pointed at a pot containing a mustard-coloured pate and told me to read the label. It said “Goose Foie Gras”.


I’m sure the majority of people reading this blog will know the process involved in producing foie gras. For those of you who don’t, visit to find out. I hope you then understand why I am so against this ridiculous ‘delicacy’. I can’t understand how any human being could even consider for one moment eating foie gras. It’s just….horrific. And people that DO eat foie gras, are either completely ignorant, or pathetic and selfish human beings.

Foie gras can never be ethically produced. It’s like saying “ethically produced battery hen eggs” or “ethical animal abuse”. The two things are just at polar opposites. There is no excuse for eating, buying or stocking this product.  Not one. Not even “well it tastes nice” (not that I’d know).

Anyway I got home and furiously tapped out a full page of A4 outlining why I was aggrieved to find the product on the shelves, what a contridaction it was to make a feature of free range products and then stocking foie gras, and urging them to take a look at Thing is, I have a funny feeling they won’t take a look at the site. I hope they do, and I hope they take the right action. All too often I’ve seen people shunning the cold, hard truth because it just makes life easier for them.


  1. With you 100% here…

    am off to follow the linky and send a cross e-mail…….

    there are SO MANY wonderful things which can be made from ALL parts of a dead animal, which therefore honours the life it had by using every part of it after death…( see HF-W on C4 tonight if you want to see what I mean!)

    Compostman makes a wonderful chicken liver pate,it is a treat we have a few times a year and it is WONDERFUL….and it is made from unwanted bits from chickens who lived a normal, happy, UNSTUFFED life….

    WTF do people feel the need to be cruel to an animal BEFORE it is dead, is beyond me!

    To me, it is up with Battery hens……grrrrrrrr

  2. Hi Lucy

    I think I may know which garden centre this is, please drop me an email to confirm and I will pen a letter together with my OH about this barbaric so called delicacy being on their shelves.

    Take care x

  3. For matt who left me the URL about ‘ethically produced’ foie gras. I don’t think that the process of making foie gras is a healthy one – it’s a fatty liver. Is making a goose or duck purposely unhealthy to that degree still ‘ethical’?

  4. Absolutely agree with you about the foie gras – it’s an inhumane and disgraceful “food” and there is nothing ethical about it. Let us know if you hear anything – I’d be interested and astonished if you did.

  5. short version:
    long version, last paragraph.:

    In answer to your question Lucy,
    Is making a goose or duck purposely unhealthy to that degree still ‘ethical’?

    who ‘makes’ a wild goose do anything?, it is free ranging and eats as much as its instincts direct it to, which for a goose preparing for winter means a 25% – 30% increase in weight, almost all fat.

    every wild goose in the world willingly makes itself ‘unhealthy’ by your standards.

    I have no idea who is ethically responsible for the behaviour of wild geese.

    The farming method described in this video is that if you allow geese to live and feed as naturally and instinctively as possible you get the best (award winning) foie gras.

    therefore gavage and caging is not just cruel, but unnecessary.

    Which is the point of the lecture in case you missed it.


  6. Hi matt

    I don’t understand the ‘sheesh’ – I wasn’t ‘having a go’, just asking a question in my last comment relating to the URL!!! I wanted to engage people in discussion about it…

    I asked because not every wild goose in the world has access to food to fatten itself up to that degree – it could be like putting every child in the world in McDonalds and allowing them to eat themselves obese. I could feed my cat up to the point where it is unhealthily obese (and believe me, it would allow me to), but I don’t because it’s not ethical (read: healthy, in the animal’s best interests).

    I concede that the article highlights how Eduardo’s methods are far more acceptable than the process of la gavage. As it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned, I would hope that the whole goose is used, rather than just the liver for the foie gras.

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