Cut and Come Again?

Just a quicky – budgetary restraints and a severely underfunded local library are preventing me from investing in Sarah Raven’s Cutting Garden book. So I thought I would write a post here in the hope that someone has some fantastic ideas of cut and come again flowers that I can grow. I have already allocated some space for Dahlias, but above and beyond this I’ve failed to do any decent amount of research into this ‘genre’ of gardening. So any suggestions are most welcome!


  1. There is a forum thread about this that I’ve been reading – there’s not a great deal on there but are a few ideas and other links.
    Also there’s Sarah Raven’s website that might have some bits on there

  2. I love Zinnias. You can grow them from seed (but don’t start too early, wait until April). I plant the little plants out along one of the veg beds and when they start to flower I just keep cutting to encourage more flowers. Get some that grow quite tall and a nice mix of colours, they last so well in water you’ll have flowers for the house all summer!

    Celia 🙂

  3. Yer woman on Gardners World is always going on about Sweet Peas and how you have to keep cutting them to make them grow properly. Lovely scent too.

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