Courgette Cake – Yes, Really.

My Mum was always baking when we were children. Suffice to stay, she’s still baking and now so am I. Love it. I love the way it makes the house smell – like ‘good times’. It’s like a kind of therapy, especially the bit where you get to eat your work.

Mum’s latest fad is courgette cakes – my cousin is currently overrun with the blighters, so to help her out my mum offered to take a few off her hands. Instead of the usual courgette offerings – grilled, roasted, stuffed etc – Mum decided to make a courgette cake. And my word, is it tasty! The recipe is from Mum’s cousin Sue, who in turn probably got it from someone else…but here it is:

Courgette Cake

(Makes 2 x 1lb loaves or can be Tray Baked)

8oz Courgettes – grated. Peel if you don’t want a green cake!

5oz Margarine

9-10oz sugar

4 Eggs (Beaten)

11oz Self-Raising Flour

2tsp Ground Cinnamon or Mixed Spice

4-5oz Seedless Raisins

3oz Chopped Nuts

2tsp Vanilla Essence

Method: Preheat oven on Gas Mark 4. Grease tins or tray. You can line the tray bake with greaseproof paper. Cream the marg and sugar, beat the eggs and then add the flour alternatively, making sure that it is well mixed. Beat in the cinnamon, courgettes, raisins, nuts and vanilla essence. Cook for 1 hour. Make sure that you leave the cake to cool once it is done, as the mixture is quite moist. You might find that you have to really gently ease the cake out of the tin with a pallet knife.


  1. These cakes look delicious. May I add a link to this recipe on my post about courgette recipes?
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. Courgette cake is great, I sometimes make a chocolate one, which is really gooey and rich, if you have loads of courgettes Marrow and ginger marmalade is really yummy too! and courgette bread, courgette muffins, sliced to penne size and put in pasta carbanara Courgettes are fab!

  3. Adele Fulker says

    Hi we have an allotment and at this time of year we have lots of different veggies to pick and was wondering what to do for a change corgette cake sounds great, could I use yellow corgettes as we have them by the ton. Thanks Adele

  4. Thank you, the cake is cooked & it looks good. Lets see what the family think after tea tonight! I guess it would freeze OK?

  5. this cake is sooooo yummy, i bake one every week with my corgettes from the allotment! yum yum

  6. simple and so tasty it was gone within a day thank you

  7. With a glut of courgettes from the garden I am making muffins for a natural health fair on Saturday to raise funds for a charity. I may try wholemeal flour and a little bicarb in the spirit of healthy eating – I’ll let you know how they go!

  8. I’m just trying an adaptation of this without the cinnamon and with fresh whitecurrants instead of the raisins. You can tell I’m trying to use up allotment surplus. Lol.

    I’m making it as cupcakes, and I’m going to do a cream cheese icing with sugared whitecurrants on top. The first batch are just out of the oven and look and smell wonderful.

  9. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe.
    I was given a monster yellow courgette yesterday up the lotty (as well as 4 hunormous marrows) and so asked my trusty friend Mrs Google what to do with them – and this is where she led me.

    So far today I have made 3 batches, 1 as per your recipe, 1 without the fruit and nuts but with coffee, and 1 with coconut. All 3 of them are delicious and will definitely be made again.
    Next time I’ll have a go with one of the marrows I think


  10. Just thought I’d look up a recipe for courgette cake as I tried my first the other day and yours was the second search result on google! Will be giving this a try over the weekend

  11. I wish I had come across this recipe last summer when I had courgettes coming out of my ears. One to file away for this season. Thanks.

  12. just picked 8 large courgettes from the ‘lotty’ so about to give courgette cake a whirl. Ten years ago when I got back from the states I make a zuccinni bread made with oil and not butter. It was delicious but fell apart when I took it out of the tin so making one with margarine might be better – I’ll let you know!!

  13. courgettes gone mad so found this recipe,loved it the first time so made a double batch this time thanks!

  14. Loved this recipe the first time I tried it have now made it many times and yet to find some one who does not like it, I have always made it as a tray bake. thanks

  15. Delicious!!! Try this cake with golden courgettes, then no green cake! Also use varied fruits… apricots, cherries, dates etc. A lovely moist cake. Use a silicone baking sheet for easy removal from the tins.