Calling All Vloggers – I Need You!

You Tube Wants You!

I used to be quite up to date with Internet and new media technology. Then I started to get a bit behind…now it seems I’m actually totally clueless. I only really discovered ‘vlogs’ this week – video logs. Of course I knew about podcasts and people making online video diaries, but the whole subscription to a channel on You Tube and the community feel of it sort of surpassed me. I’ve subscribed to a few vloggers and channels because they’re fairly interesting and some light entertainment. Some people are crazy, some people have something interesting to say.

It got me thinking though. I’d love to do some vlogging. I used to be a theatre studies student, and I suppose I still have a bit of a yearning for performing! I think being on You Tube, even if you are being yourself, is a kind of performance. I love the idea of reaching out to people and spreading fun, interesting, thought-provoking topics, or occasionally just putting something fun and stupid up, or perhaps completely and utterly bizarre.

One of the channels I subscribe to is called 5 Awesome Girls. They’re a bunch of girls from across the USA brought together by their love of Harry Potter. Their ages range from 17 or 18 to early 20s. For each day of the working week, they do a small vlog about why that day is awesome, what they’re up to, answering questions posed by one of the other girls. I like this idea, it’s good to watch something positive. There are other groups of people that form a group and take turns vlogging each day, it seems to be something I missed and something I’d like to get involved in.

So my thought it this. I would love to do something similar. I want to find 4 or 6 other young people that are into living a bit of the Good Life in their own way. I say young because I want people from my generation to fly the flag and show our peers they can do it to. I want us each to say hi, vlog about our day, what we’ve done, what’s on our minds, perhaps talk about projects we’ve got on the go. The videos can be funny, they can be serious, they can be whacky or arty, or just simple and straight to the point. Variety is good.

So if you’d like to join me in forming a group that gets green living, vegetable growing, home cooking – the simple, good things in life – out to an audience, and you think you can make it interesting and watchable (and you have a camera or webcam) let me know. It’s not hard to do! I really want to do this, and I think it would be great to have people from all over the country – or even from other countries – involved. I could do it on my own, but I would rather get a group of us involved in it.

Let me know!


  1. Well up for it, Lucy. Just say the word!!

  2. sounds good! and I’m young in a mid 20s way!

  3. I would love this too! Not heard of it before though, I use to work for a community radio station and this is right up my street, I luv all kinds of community media. And I’m young LOL

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I’m in my thirties – does that count as young! I’d love to have a go. I have already been doing some little videos of what’s happening on the farm so I’d really enjoy it. Let me know.
    Kind regards
    Sara from farmingfriends

  5. I don’t have a smallholding (unfortunately), just a small garden, but I was thinking of doing my first vlog today as my garlic are just about ready to come out. I’m 32 this year, so I doubt I count as young any more.

  6. Great idea – I’m getting a camcorder for my 40th birthday next week and would love to do some vlogging. Oh, hang on, I’ve just realised my days of being young are behind me. I’ll get my coat….


  7. Lucy, I’m totally late, but if you have room, this might be just the thing for me! I’m a documentary filmmaker, but I have yet to put a video on my blog (can you believe that?!). Let me know if you have a spot – totally understand that I’m late and already you have a lot of great takers!

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