BBC Countryfile Magazine Blog of the Month

It’s me!

I received a lovely email a few weeks ago informing me that my blog had been crowned March 09’s ‘blog of the month’ for BBC Countryfile magazine. It was completely out of the blue, as I’d not submitted my blog at all, so to find some people that obviously thought it was something worthwhile was just a really nice surprise. One of the few things lately that’s actually caused me to smile!

The excerpt says that the plot is opposite the house – well, it’s a strange ‘island’ of land that’s actually adjacent to the original long, thin garden. and was easily added on by removing a load of hedging and fencing. It also says that I’ve made the plot more productive for my family – well, that’s sort of the case. The allotment, which is shared between my Mum and I, is for the family. But seeing as only Rich and I live here (with our menagerie of rescued animals), the plots here are really only just productive enough for us and our voracious appetites. Occasionally we’ll grow something and swap veggies with someone else, but it’s really just enough for mine and Rich’s little unit. The rest of the family already have their own plots in their own gardens too! But still – in essence, it’s the right idea! Especially the part about how the hens changed my life.

I was really pleased Countryfile magazine picked up my blog, especially given that they’re connected with the BBC Breathing Spaces campaign. If you haven’t heard about Breathing Spaces, you can find more info here. To me, it’s an incredibly important part of what I do and what I write about on this blog.

Now, if only the snow would melt so I could actually get out there and get properly started with this year’s growing season…!


  1. Cool- Great News Lucy! Its nice when you get some recognition for doing what you love! enjoy………Cat x

  2. Well done you! What a fabulous piece 🙂 Hope you received my email! speak soon x

    PS. I have been feeding the birds … I now have blue tits who sit on the ledge next to my desk. It’s so cool and they’re getting braver every day! Been trying to take some snaps today, but not much luck! Hopefully I’ll have one to post soon.

  3. Congratulations – must be a lovely surprise – keep doing what you do, we like it!

  4. Congratulations! Really chuffed for you winning this, about time you had some good news xx

    Karen 🙂

  5. Brilliant! Well done you!

  6. Thank you everybody for your comments 🙂

    Alice: Yes I think I did receive your last email, I shall reply very soon!

    Karen: It was the first thing in a long time that made me smile when I found out!!

  7. Well done Luc!It looks brilliant, love the new look to the blog too by the way!

  8. And a good thing, too. Long overdue recognition, I’d say.