About the Author


Hello! This picture is me…I have two sides, and they go something like this: I-like-makeup-and-fashion-although-I’m-rubbish-at-shopping and a-bit-of-a-farm-girl.

I’m Lucy. I’m 30 and being a vegetarian (now mostly vegan), I love vegetables. So over the past few years I have decided to try and grow lots of them to eat. I love animals too, that’s partly (not completely) the reason why I can’t eat them! Since I was 5 years old I have had an interest in wildlife and (rather broadly) “the environment”, and a as a consequence have also grown to love gardening, garden design, flowers and specifically wildlife gardening. At school I was orientated much more twards English Literature, theatre and art, and went on to belatedly study graphic design at university. At present I work as a freelance SEO copywriter, and run a few websites dedicated to Things I Love and Care About.

But despite what you might think, I’m not a hippy. I don’t wear potato sacks and birkenstocks and I don’t dye my hair with henna. When I started this blog at 24, I didn’t know many people my age that had the same interests, and did things like ask for a mega wheelbarrow for their 25th birthday (disclaimer: the picture is in no way indicative of my design skills!). But as I edged towards my 30th birthday, and attitudes towards living more sustainably have become more popular, I found that I am, in fact, far from alone.


I am a bit of a long-time Beatles obsessive, and this is reflected in the fact that I have named my hens after some Beatle wives (and for those of you that care to ask, my “favourite” Beatle has always been John!). I love going out to dance – Rich finds it quite embarrassing – and partake in lots of reading, writing, photography, watching of stupid films, as well as baking and cooking. For an adult, I am far too interested in all things Harry Potter – books, films, the music – and I still hope that one day I’ll do some acting or presenting on television. My only claim to fame in that sense is that I was an extra on Batman Begins, and managed to get filmed in a scene on my own with another guy… as well as being allowed to have a ride in the then new Batmobile at the Cardington Air Hangers where they were filming! But that’s about the extent of my high-flying glitter-glam acting career to date.

Sometimes it’s really quite confusing being me. One minute it’s nice hair, nail polish and sparkly cardigans, the next it’s Nannie’s cable-knit jumpers, soil, wellies and veg. Makes life a bit more varied I suppose. I want to prove that you can enjoy both. Home-farm, grow veg and enjoy a taste of the Good Life whilst exploring those more frivolous trappings of modern life.

Anyhow, as you might expect, this is my blog charting the highs and lows of my attempt to turn our little suburban patch into a successful and thriving ‘Smallest Smallholding’. I hope you enjoy following my journey.