A new season

I’m sitting here with a duvet, sporting a snuggly jumper and chowing down on a beanburger sandwich for lunch. Evie is snuggled down under a blanket softly snoring away, and the cats are curled up snoozing. Rich is at the other end of the house, quietly nursing a cold and keeping himself to himself. Outside it’s cloudy and there’s a chill with each bluster of wind that passes by. Autumn is definitely on her way.

It’s hard to think that a week and a half ago, we were rosy-cheeked (or in my my case, puce and slightly sweaty), enjoying a BBQ under the hot, hot summer sun. But since the bank holiday weekend, it’s all gone quiet. I don’t mind, after about ten birthday bashes this summer and two weekends of socialising and entertainment, we’re ready for some down time. Time to climb back in my headspace.

Garden rustic basket

I’ve started thinking about how the next season will unfold in my little potager. For now, I’ve been steadily picking raspberries from the bushes and pulling up a few carrots here and there to supplement dinners. E loves them all; at one year old she’s well into her fruit and veggies, and the more homegrown harvests I can produce, the better. When it’s not raining, she likes to sit in her swing and eat raspberries that have been plucked straight from the bush, giving them her full approval – “mmmmmmm!”. This is what it’s all about for me; feeding my little family when I can.

I planted in some potatoes about three weeks ago, and they’re doing nicely, especially since all the recent rain has meant I haven’t had to think about watering. We’ll have to wait until Christmas to enjoy the Picasso potatoes, but maybe our Christmas dinner roast potatoes will be a bit more special this year.

But soon everything will be harvested and eaten, and I’ll need to think ahead.

Here’s the plan:

orange tulips

A new cut flower patch
For spring 2018 I’d like to have a spring cut flower patch at home, for bulbs and foliage. Pinterest is my friend when it comes to inspiration, and I’ve got a spreadsheet on the go for my spring bulb order (better start saving now). I’m hoping to experiment with selling a few bunches of flowers from the garden gate, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I may also need to acquire some lawn space for a new bed…

Winter veg
Once the carrots are done I’ll clear out some of my marigolds too (they’ve been amazing as companion plants this year) and make space for some wintertime veg. More leeks, green onions and perhaps some spring cabbages.

Clear a space for the shed!
This month I need to finish clearing a large swathe of the nettle patch to make way for my new little tool shed.

As ever, I’m trying to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible (not so sure the new flower bed aligns with this, but hey ho, something to look forward to). Finding time with a one-year-old in tow is always going to be a challenge, especially now the nights are drawing in, but I’ve got to keep myself motivated and just tick off jobs on the list as and when I can. Can’t ask for more than that. And it means I’ve always got a little “me time” to look forward to in the garden… at some point!


  1. Lovely blog, I have added you to my list of ones I follow. I have Christmas spuds coming up really well, too.

    • Ah thank you Louise 🙂 Your blog is lovely, I shall be popping by more regularly 🙂

      Yay for Christmas spuds! Good things come to those who wait…

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