6 Things About Us at the Smallest Smallholding

The Hill

Quite a while ago I was tagged to complete a little ‘6 random things about us’ meme, by N & J over at Bad Human! Don’t take chemicals from strangers!

Like us, N & J are trying to move toward a more sustainable way of living, although I expect they’re doing a much better job of it than us at present. They’re based in Colorado,  The photography on the blog is also exquisite. I thoroughly encourage anyone interested in self-sufficiency to go and take a look.

Anyhow, here’s my 6 random facts about me and my Smallest Smallholding:

1.  My complete and utter vice is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It goes against my usual tastes – it’s saccarine, it’s excessive, it’s heavily edited, but boy do I love watching it, and many a tear have been shed over the emotional struggles of the families involved. Been having withdrawal symptoms since last year when we had to ‘give up’ cable, so now only catch glimpses on You Tube.

2. Rich grew up in the former WWII fighter pilot station Biggin Hill, and longs to get his PPL (private pilot’s licence). I’m in two minds about the whole thing – I can understand it, but would rather he opted for gliders. Much greener, and in my eyes, safer. Luckily, we live a not-to-short distance from a gliding club. Thing is, we also live relatively close to a small airport with a flight school too….

3.  Our rabbits have been systematically chewing off the old wallpaper downstairs in the house. So what looked a bit tatty and forlorn now looks laughable. Luckily, we’re planning on doing it up soon. When we have time. If we have time.

4.  My life ambition (at least, one of many) at present is to star as an extra (wanting a ‘spoken role’ would just be foolishly ambitious) in any of the remaining Harry Potter films. I was an extra in Batman Begins and loved it. I am obsessed with Potter, and with just 2 films remaining need to get my skates on, and throw out a request to the Universe and she what she throws back. PLEEEEEASE?

5.  When I was at school, I only ever received one Valentine’s Day card, from a still unknown source. My best friend would annually receive around 6, with gifts and flowers, which would make me feel crap.

6. Many of our animals rarely maintain the names that they’re given. Yoko has morphed into Pokey/Poke, Maureen is Morion, Mindu (registered as Mindy) is Pin/Beat/Feetou, Lilla is Pil/Lily/Ah-Pil!, Tom is Tomtom/MuhMuh, Tortoise (the cat) is NaughtyTorti/Fatty/, Smudge is Smuggle and Snoopy is now known as Snoop-O. We don’t know why it happens, it just does. On a similar note, I now call Rich ‘Bear’ about 95% of the time, which can sometimes provoke strange looks when we’re out and about. It’s an improvement on ‘Roobie’ at least.


  1. Had total, painful identification with number 5. I also only ever received one, from an unknown source, and struggled annually to keep my ‘nonchalant, this is all rubbish for girls anyway’ face on.

    But it’s worse: I have dark suspicions that the one card was from a girl I really, really liked. And even suspecting this, I never dared ask her out. What an utter wuss and failure.

    It remains one of my few life regrets.

  2. Hey Lucy – how bizarre is this! I have ‘sort of’ tagged you, without realising you tagged me first! Hope you will read my ‘six things’ and you are a girl after my own heart with EM!!!!

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